Weekend Friday Favourites

I hope you’re having a great weekend!

Just as Spain is getting used to the ‘new normal’, the Catalan regional government announced this past Friday that the Barcelona metropolitan area is going into a 15 day voluntary lockdown due to spike in covid-19 infections. Most gyms have been ordered to close although the city council is appealing to keep them open and most are keeping open until further notice. Cinemas, amusement parks, nightclubs are closed. Bars and restaurants have gone to back to 50% capacity. For now the beaches are open and we’re allowed to exercise outside. Face masks are now mandatory outside at all times even if we can social distance. Exceptions under 6’s, breathing difficulties and for exercise. Police can set stop motorists and advise them to return home but can’t fine. 

Anyways, a short and sweet Weekend Friday Favourites this week. The week’s gone a in blur leaving me scratching my head where it went. 

Jade Eye Mask

An Instagram rabbit hole a few months ago lead me to an esthetician’s page where in one of her clients facials she used a jade eye mask. I was thinking it could help when I have migraines. When I get one usually the only thing that will provide pressure release is a dark room with a t-shirt folded lengthways and placed over my eyes like an eye mask. It gives enough weight to kinda press out the pressure. The head spider massager also helps. 

It comes with a travel/storage pouch!

I also have a thing for crystals, Amazon came up cheaper as I forgot about Aliexpress. I’ve only used it a few times as I haven’t had so many migraines recently one being this week. It’s nice and cool and if I fold the edges over my eyes for a double layer the pressure release is heavenly. If you get bad headaches or migraines I’d recommend it. From a beauty crystal point of view, jade’s cool on the skin, helping reduce puffiness, lymphatic drainage and promoting blood circulation. As an eye mask it can relieve tired eyes, help with dark circle and puffy eyes and promote better sleep. It can be used hot or cold. Aliexpress sells a full face version which I may get as the rest of my face while wearing it is, my turn please! Or I could layer it on my forehead and head for extra pressure release. 


On my past 2 Sunday runs at my turn around point have been cormorants preening and washing in the sunshine! 

Mystic Pop-Up Bar

I have a confession with Kdramas on Netflix. The last few shows I’ve watched which are meant to be the must watch series I got either half way or 2/3 through and kinda lost interest. Maybe I shouldn’t read ahead on Dramabeans. Mystic Pop-Up Bar isn’t one. I really enjoyed this show. A 500 year old shaman ghost to avoid going to hell has to help 10,000 humans settle their grudges by entering their dreams. The story catches up with she’s 10 people away from 10,0000 with a short deadline. There’s so many great twists. One, her reason only agreeing to help so many people. When she hung herself on the Scared tree that protected Korea 500 years ago she lost faith in humans. The only reason she agreed to help 10,000 people, the number of people died from war as tree died when she hung herself making tree no longer be able to protect Korea was she didn’t know she was pregnant. Her child’s soul doomed for reincarnations of difficult lives. That child’s latest reincarnation catches up with her through his own mystic abilities and her assistant turns out to be the Crown Prince aka the father! The show moves between the human world, the dream world, the afterlife and had me giggling, crying and wanting a second season. It’s a Kdrama. I can keep dreaming about a second season. 

Poosh’s A Natural Facelift

So many of my friends roll their eyes at me when I say I like the Kardashians. I like them okay! I like Kourtney’s new direction with Poosh a lifestyle brand focusing on wellness, clean products. A recent Poosh Youtube video is an amazing tutorial with Sophie Lonsinger. I do face yoga and I’ll do this on days I don’t have time for face yoga. I’ve only done it twice but the sinus, lymphatic drainage. Oh my. I can breath! My face/skin felt amazing, refreshed and cheeks and neck lifted. All you need is facial oil and your hands!

Walking Kettle Bell Swings

This is a fun move to spice up kettle bell swings. As you swing the kettle up to shoulder height or preferred level walk forward one step bringing feet parallel on the downward swing to start up again. I like to alternate the leading foot each set. 

The Story of “It Wasn’t Me’ by Shaggy. Vice

The story of one of Shaggy’s biggest hits that wasn’t meant to be, that was by a series of happy incidents.

Internet Finds 

Epic 7,5000 mile cuckoo migration wows scientists. BBC News

The albatrosses who catch private’s on the high seas. BBC Future Planet 

The bilbies ‘thriving’ after a 100-year absence in New South Wales. BBC News

Seas quieted by pandemic could reduce stress, improve health in whales. National Geographic 

Chimbu the tree kangaroo helps save his wild cousins. BBC News

ConsumEtico. AnimaNaturalis’s Spainsh and Mexican cruelty free brand list! 

What’s been making you smile or caught your eye this week? Please share in the comments below!

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