More Than Hair

When I first started this blog I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go with it. Somewhere along the way, it became more fitness related. Nothing wrong with that, I do a lot of fitness and will do until I physically can’t. I will be doing even more while I study for my gym instruction certificate over the next few months. I’m working backwards with my PT qualification thanks to mixups over what qualifications I had and what I actually had to do (note to self: general USA fitness qualifications mean nothing in Europe). There are many things I’d like to share other than fitness, but never seem to fit.

Aside from fitness, and its overlaps in many areas, I have a thing for skin care and beauty products. I love searching for cruelty free creams and lotions. I’ll happily spend time in Sephora and Boots or if it was possible warehouse (or CVS and Target the times I’ve been visited the USA). A lookfantastic’s warehouse tour would be a dream come true. And if I could play supermarket sweep, well, I’d be dancing and off before the buzzer even started. I care about the environment, animal welfare and am a sucker for ring tailed lemurs. I listen to Bill Burr’s podcast, watch The New Girl and Hart of Dixie. I love fashion magazines and National Geographic intrigues me. I’ll happily run or walk in the rain and watch a lightening storm. Bananas and spiders freak me out. I’d appreciate more time for art, drawing and crafty things. I love exploring new places, finding new haunts. I also can’t go anywhere without lip balm or my camera.

So it wasn’t much of a surprise when I came across on the human hair market or highway in China. I thought that this was going to be a story about hair extensions. In fact the opposite, home decor. Mixed with natural resins, it can mimic hardwood floors, horn and tortoise shell, which is a good thing for tortoises. It got me thinking where does the hair comes from. Yes a human, but the quantity of it and the donors. Maybe as my hair grows so slowly I can’t image the turnover. Is there anything that can’t be made into something else? Hair Highway:




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