Return To The Land Of The Living

Just over a week ago I had a trip to the Osteopath for achilles heel problems and was intitally put out of action for the weekend. Unfortunately due to numbness in my heels, I had to go back. Three places in my back had to be corrected and well, I was out of it for the week.

If you’ve ever been to the osteopath you’ll know all about the tingles, old injury pain coming back (it’s crazy, just like when it happened, except no swelling, bruising etc), sleeping a lot while your body fixes things. If you ever go, make sure there’s someone at home afterwards and ask about what after effects to expect. My guy’s still away, so it’s been a roller coaster of a week. A third trip revealed everything is in place and now it’s just up to me to decide to be ready 100%. I have one more follow up visit and then hopefully back to 100% and a new training schedule.

For now I’m working out at 60-70% normal effort and not rushing in to running. For that my mind has to be balanced with my body. If it isn’t, that’s when things can go wrong. With the last visit to check everything is fine and with some new Ascis Gel Nimbus 14s on their way, I should be back running very soon.

Not that I need one, but I now have a perfect excuse to go bag (purse for any Americans) shopping! No more heavy rucksacks with the bikes, no more heavy water bottles and more cute (small) cross over bags 😉 I’ll also have to check out baskets front and back for my bike (any recommendations?) A trip to Nice is definitely needed and wanted! Until my boyfriend is back, I’m using the local grocery shops daily, rather than the big hypermarche once a week. A different beach too, one that is in walking distance. Even though it’s one of the busiest beaches in Antibes, I was surprised how quiet it is. I’m back cycling, minus the rucksack. Yoga, I’m taking my time with too as it’s downward dog that if my calf isn’t properly warmed up, can make the tendon pop. Yep, I’m just a little singed!

I’ve also caught up on a lot of TV show’s I’ve been meaning to watch…finally!

And these two: Mr Angelous aka Mr Aj and Diesel. Both have looked after their Mama well and are being paid back with tuna!

Osteopath’s orders…relax, go to the beach…okay then! Walking back from the beach.

IMG_7843Picasso Museum and Nice across the bay

IMG_7850The very famous Old Roman Sea Wall Walk, Antibes



IMG_7898First bike ride in a week. Took it steady (slow!) and no hills.

IMG_7930Working out at 60-70% normal effort, hence 3kg. Coconut water for potassium to help with the odd muscle twitch. Finally getting back appetite and taste. I guess, 15 years of sport, my body needed a time out! Ate as healthy as I could (sometimes sleep won) and haven’t had any chocolate cravings (though, the smell of croissants from the boulangers did tempt me to a chocolate croissant…boy was that delicious!) and still not wanting chocolate…that’s a good thing right?!

IMG_0495A perk me up treat: new make up bag and purse

IMG_7840How do you deal with recovery from illness or injury? Do you fight your body, or let it do it’s thing? Any recommendations for baskets/camel bags for a mountain bike?


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