The name of this blog, came from my boyfriend. Depending on how you see things, adventures can be the big, Indiana Jones discovering the unknown, or just a trip an ordinary trip the shops that’s not so ordinary. For the most part, I fall in the latter, though some might say living in my third country is Indiana Jones. Maybe it’s how I tell the story or just the way my mother put my hat on.

The latest adventure is how my mother put my hat on. Probably due to genetics I’ve been graced with bow legs. It would have been great if someone my family had noticed this past the age of 5 to fix it, rather than when I was 15 and look at you…ha ha! All the achilles and ankle problems I’ve been having recently are down to bow legged-ness. My heels turn in, so I’m structurally not sound. My soleus, gastrocnemius and tendons are all healthy and strong, though one side is longer and the other shorter to counteract all the instability. I now have to scale right back to zero (no!) with burpees, running, bunny hops, dancing and jumping. For someone who loves these things, she’s got a lot of accepting to do.

I thought Monday I was more or less getting better, but after my Wednesday Osteopath appointment, for pain in all over the knees, something shifted and pain started up the achilles every now and then. I managed to finally see someone Saturday before my next appointment. I was lucky to get the owner who’s English (until you’ve lived in a foreign country, you do not know how much of a big thing it is to have heath concerns discussed in your mutual mother tongue), who didn’t waste any time explaining the situation and what needs to be done. She spent a good 10-15 mins pulling at my feet, starting the process of turning the heels back out, especially the left problem one. The next step is to see a podiatrist for insoles and start work with probably all of them getting the legs more stable. So no running just yet, jumping or burpees or anything that puts too much shock. I can bike, workout and maybe yoga depending on the pose.

So the Adventures of natjtan might take a slight change of direction of adventures. It’ll still be about fitness and no doubt about my adventure for new legs. I will get jealous of those running, jumping, plank hopping. I will get frustrated at no being able to wear flip-flops ever again (girls will understand!). I will get frustrated at no being able to work up a good sweat (it’s been nearly 3 weeks already and I’m ARGH!). Frustrated balancing eating and training so I don’t pack on the kilos. I’ll probably just get frustrated anyway! It’ll all be worth it as I’ll hopefully have new stable legs, that’ll last me a good few years yet! And they’ll be long and lean 😉

The good news? A brand new collection of shoes and my guy’s finally back next week! New adventures for sure, motor bike rides, jealously when he comes back from a run, laughter and not feeling like I’m dealing with this alone. That’s been the biggest issue the past few weeks especially when the Osteopath clicked my back…oh my, I was out for 2 days and have a cat that’s very loud and demanding when it’s comes to his food, 5th floor and no lift! It’ll be nice to be looked after for a while! These two guys would also like a break from looking after their Mama!

Is it human Papa? Is he back yet? Please!

Any pains, niggles that persist please don’t ignore them. Get them checkout before you’re side lined like me. What’s being out for a few days, rather than a few months? Yes, it’s very hard mentally, but mentally now it’s very, very hard! Periodise your training, we’re not superhuman or robots. Even robots break down! We need rest and recovery as much as we need strength and power. Finding the balance is the key.

If any of you live in France and has a Nespresso Machine, DO NOT, repeat DO NOT buy Monoprix’s new coffee pods to fit Nespresso machines. I purchased the yellow box and it has to be the most disgusting coffee I have ever tasted. I swear it’s contaminated the filter with it’s flavour.

I’d also like to hear from others who have the same or similar problems as me or who’ve had correction done. How long did correction take (I know a lot of it is down to me outside of the doctors)? How often are your check ups and most importantly did it work?

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