Burn Baby Burn

Sometimes we’re our own worst enemies. There’s lactic acid muscle burn and there’s the burn it’s had enough.IMG_3185A light workout yesterday. I reduced the load and kept things simple. No jumping, no full press ups, no planks. I obviously underestimated how much pressure/tension was released at the osteopath last week. All afternoon and evening various foot, ankle and quad muscles were having their own disco. No rest as I was running around after buses and teaching. Just had to push the pain away! I kept today’s workout light and had the same problem…own worst enemy? I’ll have to check my ego at the door and no running tomorrow. It’s very hard mentally sometimes (always) to take complete rest days. The world won’t end today, but it feels like it! We can dish advice out, but can’t always follow it!

I had to get out the house for fresh air, otherwise I’d have been inside more or less all day. A nice and easy bike ride did the trick with slight burn. I also found an ingenious way of resting the ankle at the bus stop.IMG_3197Please excuse the cat hair. That’s what happens when you have a white cat and no time to de-lint.IMG_3206

I came home to a sneezy cat. The apartment building is getting a lift fitted and there’s dust everywhere as they knock down the stairwell. Many of my neighbours have placed a towel outside along the bottom of their doors to stop the dust getting in. I’ve followed suit and added a towel along the inside and have one less sneezy cat. It always amazes me how many people speak English in this area of France and the builders are no exception. I’m gonna get teased daily! Today it was ‘Is it excuse me or exsqueeze me?!’ Paul was with me and I think it’s gonna stick now. I always start a conversation in French, but inevitably ends up being in English. My Spanish es mucho major.

Paul was on watch, so I had the TV remote! I like a lot of ‘bad’ TV I can drop in and out off. I get embarrassed watching them around Paul, so I end up with marathon viewings when he’s away. Last night turned into a Bones marathon.

I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning as the cats and I were all snuggled up in the blankets. None of us wanted to and I only just caught the sunrise before the light went.IMG_3221 IMG_3222I discovered and fell in love with a few months ago on Instagram Maui Mari Ocean Jewelry. Up until now the website has always been in Japanese even though the designer is based in Hawaii. Today I discovered their English site! Everything is inspired by the Islands and the bracelets are beautiful. The blog on the Japanese site has beautiful photos of Hawaii and their jewellery. Some things are in English, but it’s pot luck what I click! I’ll have to see if they ship to Europe especially from the Japanese site.

Mondays sea inspired arm partyIMG_3203

As for these two, AJ is staying close to his Mama, Diesel is doing his best Robert De Niro impression. Hey Giovanni!IMG_2216IMG_3188

Are you your own worst enemy? Are there TV shows you’d never be caught dead watching?!




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