Winter, Med Style


Oh happy days of green and grey. Winter’s here.IMG_3250I’m day dreaming of warm summer days while bundled up in layers of jumpers, scarves and duvet coats. Brr.

Complete rest day yesterday. I’m lying, yoga in the evening and an afternoon walk. The sea was too beautiful to stay indoors.IMG_3238Dentist in the afternoon before stopping at one of the English food shops in the area Brittians, in Valbonne, mini Home Counties for some chocolate. Treat for going to the dentist. To my surprise they had one of my favourite chocolate bars: Nestle Animal Bar. Yep, a kid at heart and with half the calories of normal sized bar it tastes better! I only go the the local English food shop for oats (cheapest and nicest) and the occasional chocolate bar when I buy the oats. Every thing else I can get in Carrefour, so I don’t see the point in going especially when they charge more. They seem to get away with charging €2 more for the same coconut water as in Carrefour. 

This morning I woke to another morning of rain. Under Mr Aj’s watchful eye, I rocked out a 70% normal intensity workout. Body was happy from rest yesterday. Maybe a run tomorrow. It’s up for debate. Reaches were todays ankle rehabilitation.IMG_3270 IMG_3275

The boys and I were happy when the sun peaked through clouds for about half and hour. It got me thinking of summer so I whipped up a carrot, apple, kiwi, ginger, mango, blueberry and blackberry juice. It’s appearance is misleading to it’s taste…delicious! IMG_3286

The sun didn’t last long as I found out cycling, but I had my waterproofs on. Glamorous as always and was rewarded with this view.IMG_3292

Mr AJ got good news at the vets. His eye is a lot better this week and may not need surgery. We’ll know next week. Diesel’s not being so obsessed with food since we’ve been playing with him more. Afternoon snacks are no longer served in the bowls. They have to work it for snacks. Latest afternoon game is to throw crunch (taken off dinner allowance) across the floor. They chase and ask for more. Instant hit and they get a HIIT workout. Pre dinner games are also going down well!

Moving his bed up high has also helped D relax more. 


Grey skies again tomorrow and we’ve gotta hatch plans for the summer, so this chica needs her sleep after that cold beer that’s calling her name.IMG_3278

Do you stay inside in bad weather or enjoy walking in the wind and rain?


  1. The Editors of Garden Variety says:

    Glad to know your kitty is better.

    1. says:

      Thank you! He’s a trooper with his medicine 3 times a day! We’ll know next week if he need surgery.

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