Cap Ferrat

The apartment was super freezing last night, despite having the radiators on. Not even my super fluffiest socks kept my toes warm. Brr!

We put on for background noise that eventually become the movie of the night, The To Do List. I haven’t laughed so much in ages. Both Rachel Bilson and Aubrey Plaza were fantastic. Every now and then you need a daft feel good movie that requires little brain power. I found myself cringing at some of the fashion. I still can’t believe I used to wear those tank tops and shorts! And they’re back for this summer. They didn’t look good the first time around, so I won’t be wearing them the second time!

Paul had Friday off, so I went for a run with him. We both tried a different running style which felt more comfortable. After a week of hardly any cardio my lungs were screaming. I managed 6.5km with few ankle issues (evening time a different story). I ignored my instinct and the rule that when running outside you dress like it’s 10C warmer and ended up overheated slightly. I felt up for handstand practice afterwards and caught air for about 5 seconds! No bad considering I haven’t done any for 2 weeks.IMG_3322Once again we wouldn’t have made it in time to spend a few hours at Monaco’s Aquarium. One day! Instead we headed to Saint Jean Cap Ferrat or Cap Ferrat, just outside of Nice on the way to Monaco. We past it on the sea road and I’ve always wanted to stop off and explore around it. The view is amazing and we just caught the sunset reflecting off the sea, from the beach. As for the houses on the Cap think Hidden Hills in Hollywood. It’s no surprise that in 2012 it was named the worlds 2nd most expensive residential location after Monaco. We got stuck in traffic in Nice as we came off the motorway too early and ended up passing the Blockhead, which I realised is an actual working building. It’s in fact the first monumental habitable sculpture in the world and serves as Nice’s library. It’s name, Thinking Inside The Box.IMG_3364 IMG_3373 IMG_33842 wheels, yeah, 2 wheels.

IMG_3380Missing his bike.IMG_3379IMG_3392

You know when you’ve made when you need a crane for renovations. Construction work in the back ground.

IMG_3390Afterwards we headed to Cap3000 for window shopping and a coffee. I’m looking forward to the Spring/Summer 2014 to hit the shops. As soon as the sales are over in 2 weeks the new collections will be out, though some shops have started already and there’s 2 more months of winter to get through. Crazy!

Are there places you see travelling that you want to stop off and explore but just pass by? Have a great weekend!

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