Weekend Friday Favourites

How’s your weekend? Welcome back to another Weekend Friday Favourites! Perhaps my favourite post to write as it justifies me buying things to share. Only joking! It’s about things that have caught my eye or made me smile recently.

Holly Leaves

I seem to be turning into sucker for abandoned plants in shops. This dude I found randomly placed in the fruit and veg department in my local superstore Christmas. He (I think it’s a he the flowers have longer    thingies) dressed a plastic pot, another red metallic plastic wrapping and fake berries. It was about €2 so I was okay, you’re coming back with me. I did think initially it was just stem of holly. A repot and a few weeks later he’s flowered! My only concern is how big it’ll grow 😕.


Minisu is a Japanese lifestyle shop that’s more filled with cute things which is now my cheer me up shop. I don’t have to buy anything, just walking around lifts my mood. Most of it is unnecessary plastic things although I have purchased a few things. I think the bright colours make me happy. It’s very similar to a Korean lifestyle shape Minsu that closed down in 2020, although it was actually a Chinese brand shop posing as Korean according to the girls at Miin Cosmetics a Korean beauty shop here in Barcelona. 

All Of Us Are Dead

My thing for Kdrama just keeps growing. Over the holidays and most of January there wasn’t anything on Netflix that I could get into. A random Netflix YouTube recommendation of All Of Us Are Dead caught my attention and I couldn’t wait until 28th January when it was released. Nobody does zombie dramas like Korea. Kingdom is one of my favourite dramas however All Of US Are Dead might top it. There are some great fight scenes, suspense and giggles, shouting at the screen and the camera man survives everything.

Cushion Compact Puffs

Puterful and, Woo Oow cushion compact puffs

Finding cushion compact puffs where online shipping isn’t more than the puffs themselves is hard. Cushion compacts have never really taken off in Europe by mainstream beauty brands. They tried, Europeans I think prefer foundation. I on the other hand love BB Creams and cushion compacts, but find it hard to find ones that are the right shade. I’ve using Freshly Cosmetics foundation or Colourpop’s Tinted Moisteriers which are very similar to BB creams. Nothing however applies the product like cushion compact puffs. If you’re a lazy blender like me they’re perfect. Even better than a Beauty Blender or other sponges. Miin Cosmetics have sold out of refills packs for almost a year thanks to shipping shortages. Everywhere online the shipping is more than the puffs. 

A few weeks ago something said go to Primor, perhaps one of my favourite Spanish beauty shops to look around. I found not one but two brand of cushion compact puffs, Puterful and Woo OoW! I was so happy! I know plastic waste. Sometimes it’s unavoidable. My excuse, I make up for it in other ways. Since then I have found more in Minisu a Japanese lifestyle shop. Primor is also like Minisu a cheer me up shop as it’s always colourful. Again I don’t have to buy anything, just look around at the beauty accessories.


These guys are everywhere at the moment! I love seeing flashes of green and their cheeky squawks as they fly by. 

The Lego Store

I finally made it to Europe’s flagship Lego store that opened a few months ago. The whole shop is filled with famous Barcelona building such as La Sagrada Familia all made out of Lego! I used to play with hand me down Lego as a kid and had to control myself from buying big kids. I settled on the ‘Lion Dance Guy’ as to buy kits that looked my AJ and DD who are now on Planet Cat were too expensive. I had fun building it and happy the instructions were easy to follow along! It’s also a free thing to do in the city!

What’s been making you smile recently or caught your eye recently? Please share in the comments below! 

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