‘Coco, Coco, Coconuts!’

I’ve been reading for a while about the benefits of coconut oil in skin care. I can 100% say it lives up to it’s reputation as a great inexpensive all natural eye make up remover.

Extra virgin coconut oil is the best as it’s the most unrefined, so you get the most of it’s properties. IMG_7409

I’ve already been using it for the past year baking cakes and have previously noticed that some cleansers do list it as a key ingredient. Not only is it an emollient, it’s also an anti fungal and anti bacterial and cheap for use in skin care. There are hundreds websites singing its praises for being a moisturiser, hair mask, soothing rashes and insect bites and can help fighting wrinkles worker, thanks to its high (though saturated, it’s the good medium chain kind) fat, vitamin E, caprylic and lauric acid and high protein content.

For a tropical eye make remover, I’ve been gently warming a little up on my (clean) finger tips and massaging it over my eye lids. Eye shadow melts away immediately with mascara needing a swipe with cotton wool. I was amazed the first time and still am, how well it removed all traces of make up! Bonus points it’s 100% natural, not tested on animals and unlike other eye maker removers or cleansers, doesn’t sting if it gets in the eyes. Double bonus points, for an eye make up remover it’s inexpensive (about €5 for 200ml) so I now have extra pennies for eye cream and moisturisers.

Solid at room temperature and liquid above 25C, hence why it comes in a jar.IMG_7414

I’m keen to see how it fairs as an hair mask. Normally I use coconut milk to help ease the abuse my tresses go through in the summer thanks to sea salt, sweat and suncream. It works wonders, but can get messy! I’m also keen to see if apple cider vinegar makes a good toner that I keep reading about too!

Are you a coconut oil fan? What are your uses with it? Have you tried apple cider vinegar as a toner?




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  2. […] Salt water as many of you know is great for the beach hair look. And if you can’t get the beach, fake it with a surf/beach spray (I love Alterna)! Salt water as I’ve learnt also wrecks havoc with my hair. Over time it makes my hair dry, lifeless and full of split ends as the salt removes moisture leaving it dehydrated.As I combed out the tangles from waves I could feel it drying out. It needed coconuts. Coconut oil to be exact. In addition to many of it’s other amazing properties coconut oil makes a great inexpensive hair mask. Just wet hair (hair absorbs better when it’s wet), squeeze out any excess and apply the oil (If the oil is solid, no need to heat it up, it melts at touch. Extra virgin is better if you can get it) throughout the hair. How much is up to you. A little goes a long way. Wrap hair up in a bun and leave for 30-40 minutes. Rinse out, shampoo and condition as normal et viola you have silky soft shiny hair. Just another reason why I love coconuts. […]

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    Oh nice!! Love everything coconut!!

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      Me too, apart from eating too much of it!

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        Nom nom! Just run it off…you are skinny and cute enough… 😉 🙂

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        I could eat it all day, but I’m not keen on the bathroom effect!

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