Christmas Markets, Christmas Trees and Forgotten Essentials

Don’t you just love those nagging feelings leaving the house you’ve forgotten something but can’t place it? That was me this morning. It wasn’t until I was walking back to my gym locker after showering I realised that feeling was I’d forgotten a change of underwear. B*gger. Hello Monday!

1st sunrise of winter 2014/2015 over the Med.

Hope you had a great weekend! Yesterday evening from the Fira de Nadal Sagrada Familia, we finally got a Christmas tree! I’ve still to decorate it, but Mr AJ (the cat) has his tree. Well, half truth, I’ve put lights on and a few decorations that have already somehow been knocked off. That would be Mr D (the other cat). I wonder if there’s any other planet in the universe where once a year, they bring a tree inside, decoration it, add lights and place presents under it. 

Saturday, the usual, gym (TRX/Suspension trainer pikes are a great total body exercise as I discovered. Tough and fun!) and run around the shops before they shut. This time of year, I try not to buy clothes, homeware, shoes or anything other than Christmas gifts or birthday presents, as I know in 2 weeks after Kings Day the sales start. I did treat myself to another Starbucks hot chocolate I was craving (which Paul’s since found the recipe for as they’re expensive, €4, hence being a treat). Paul had got back from his new job based in The Netherlands earlier Saturday afternoon, so over hot chocolate we caught up on gossip. During the holidays, I enjoy the extra treats as I know I’m working out as usual and it’s just once a year, so indulge a bit! I can always tag on extra rounds of squat jumps to even things out. But if you put a tin of Quality Street chocolates in front of me, don’t ask for it back as there won’t be any left. Yes, there would. The coffee ones.

Sunday’s my long run day. If Paul runs on a Sunday, we run separate routes and go at different times. I prefer running on my own and I think he does too. No waiting for others, you can take the route you want to. Sunday was one of those rare times when we set off at much the same time, took the same route and ran the same distance. When this happens, I’m usually 1/2 km or more behind! Sunday was no exception, but I’m catching up! I’m making an effort to lift my knees more and I definitely felt stronger and faster (when I remembered to). I was about 4 minutes behind on 12km, though he was taking it easy due to some knee issues and I ran along walls. I’ll take my victories where I find them!

12km along the beaches the other way. IMG_0916

Fish off Badalona’s PierIMG_0908

We decided to get a tree and checkout at the same time, La Sagrada Familia Christmas market with the idea if we didn’t see a tree we like, go back the Mercat de Santa Lucia. The Fira de Nadal Sagrada Familia’s located in the park outside the cathedral, or rather around it. The Mercat de Santa Lucia, the oldest Christmas market in Barcelona is nicer, but we got tree. The first one I saw, but had to do a trip around first and come back to it tree. We weren’t as clever as the tree buyers in front of us who took their removers trolley with them and wheeled the tree back. We/Paul carried it home old fashioned way, slung over one shoulder, with no strange looks on the metro! All I’ve got to do now is decorate it and make it sparkle. Does anyone know where I can hire some elves to do that?

What’s the most inconvenient thing you’ve forgotten to pack? I remember one trip to my parents where I forgot my pjs in the depth of winter. Brr! But the most inconvenient, I left my phone and iPad on the plane and realised just before border control. 2 days later I got them back. Bozo for sure.



  1. says:

    An EpiPen. If I accidentally eat apples or nectarines or peaches or cherries or peanuts while travelling, I’m toast! I did pack 22 pairs of shoes though. True story.

    1. says:

      Ha Ha! 22 pairs of shoes? Now that’s a story!

  2. says:

    Merry Christmas Natalie, have a great one with the fam! Mr D is quite an adorable cat 😉 xo~ Lena

    1. says:

      Thank you! Mr D’s very much adorable! Hope you had a great Christmas too! xo

  3. says:

    Lady, this post put a smile on my face. You’re too funny! I think the most important thing I ever forgot at the gym was my gym socks. Enjoy decorating your tree. Good job, Paul!

    1. says:

      😉 I’ve forgotten gym socks too along with headphones, workout gloves, deodorant and 50c for the lockers! Now I have a gym set of everything and a house set. I’m getting better at remembering!

      Hope you had a great Christmas! XO

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