Summer 2020 Essentials

Today I’m sharing my favourite season summer, essentials! Summer goes by so fast. I’m always sad when autumn fall kicks in. I love the heat, the longer days, being able to go in the sea, the colours, the lesser layers to wear, the freedom that summer has.

Clockwise from orange juice. Please excuse the flat lay, I’m not that good at them.

Orange Juice Boost

When it starts to get warmer, I start to crave fresh orange juice. I think it’s the sugar in it that helps my body with the heat. It can quench thirst almost as good as water and I always feel awake and refreshed afterwards. 

Body Lotion 

I finally found a body lotion that works! Sadly there’s a lot of plastic involved, however Instituto Español do a vegan body lotion, Natura Madre Tierra Body lotion that my skin likes, keeps hydrated all day, works with sunscreen on top and isn’t that expensive for how much I get through.

Water Bottle

Goes everywhere with me when I’m out! Hydration, hydration, hydration! 


I always try to have emergency snacks when out. This summer it’s been almonds and dried mango. 


These are kinder to hair once you find ones that work for your hair. I prefer Kitsch satin scrunchies but I can’t get them in Spain. These I got from Berskha. They’re not as good, my hair at least once a week gets tangled up in them, however they’re much kinder on my hair that regular elastic hairbands/ties. They also add a pop of colour. 

Hand Sanitiser

I don’t like the pretolum ingredients in them, but I can’t avoid them until alcohol plant based ones are available. 


Essential not only for reducing wrinkles but protecting the eyes from the sun. A few years ago I started wearing polarised lenses and never when back to regular sunglasses. Oakley do the best polarised glasses and I like colour lenses as all black or all brown sunglasses are too dark for my colouring. 


Summer 2020 and possibly summer 2021 mandatory item. I avoid disposal masks due to the waste they generate and resources in production. It took a while to find an all cotton one that didn’t cost the earth now people are cashing in the the mask market. These I got from El Corte Ingles, €5 for 2 which are reusable, washable and that I can breath through easily on a hot day. I also have some white ones that are really lightweight however being white, they weren’t white for long. I dyed them blue when dying a pair of shorts and now have lightweight masks for indoor/gym climbing. It’s like you need an assortment of masks depending on what you’re doing. 


Essential not only for reducing wrinkles but protecting the eyes from the sun. A few years ago I started wearing polarised lenses and never when back to regular sunglasses. Oakley do the best polarised glasses and I like colour lenses as all black or all brown sunglasses are too dark for my colouring. 

Aloha Collection Pouches 

I discovered Aloha Collection on holiday in Oahu earlier this year initially only purchasing one, only to buy more. They’re great at stowing away wet/damp bikinis after the beach without getting everything else in your bag wet. They’re not 100% waterproof as the seams aren’t but they are splash proof so nothing leaks. They’re great too travelling for clothes, accessories, cosmetics, cables, ipads keeping everything organised even if inside pouches isn’t or just as a bag out. They’re expensive as is international shipping, but they’re worth the money. They’re also pretty to look at. So pretty I don’t want to use them in case I ruin them! 

Baseball Cap 

I started wearing a cap a few years ago to protect my hair from wind damage cycling and to avoid looking a mess. My hair’s so fine the wind can whip out any moisture from my hair leave it looking dry. I used to plait my hair in addition cycling however this year I’ve adopted a low bun that keeps the cap in place like pony tail would do through the adjustment gap. It also helps keep migraines and headaches at bay (not always) and sun off my face: wrinkles. Some times I feel scruffy in one, but they work. I would wear my hair down when not cycling but with a cap and the humidity it’s too uncomfortable to have it down. This is when I wear my hair in a low pony tail. Sadly my hair doesn’t get as sun kissed for those highlights so that’s at the beach when I skip the cap. I always look forward to those highlights so I find way to get them. 

Almond Oil

I started a few years ago in the evenings after showering after being in the sea putting oil in my hair to try to prevent it getting dry from salt water. One year it was coconut oil which initally worked but I still had fried hair come September. Last year it was an hair serum, this year it’s almond oil and rosehip oil (I didn’t notice in the shop it had rosehip oil) which I apply to my scalp and all though the hair when it’s wet after showering in the evenings, rinsing it off when showering in the morning. This year my hair’s looking healthier all over. I also apply it to my face as my last nightly skincare step and use it for face massage. Almond oil is packed with vitamins A, D and E, stimulates collagen, can protect skin against UV radiation damage, soothe irritations which are just a few of its properties. Rosehip oil high in vitamins, A, C and E and essential fatty acids that can help repair dry skin, boost collagen , reducing the appearance of lines, scars and sun damage. On hair, almond oil’s fatty acids and vitamin E help nourish dry, damage hair while rosehip oil help repair hair, renew damaged scalp tissue in addition to nourishing it . My skin is looking better too! 


Freshly Cosmetics Healthy Protection Facial Sunscreen SPF 50

Out of a few physical facial sunscreens I’ve tried this one doesn’t dry out my skin or make it look over greasy or shiny due to the oils that help balance out titanium dioxide from trying out skin or contain silicones. I can look little grey or pale at times and it does take some time rubbing in its pink colour to be invisible. I haven’t burnt using this or got many freckles. This is perhaps the only Freshly Cosmetics product I like. I’ve been using it for over a year and it hasn’t caused any outbreaks. Although hydrating enough on its own, I use it over my day moisturiser. The only con is that it’s expensive. Freshly Cosmetics regularly have discount/promotion days so I usually get 20-25% off. 

Body Sunscreen

Sadly I don’t think can wear pyshical sunscreens. I’d prefer too as they’re better for marine environments however the zinc oxide dries my skin out too much, resulting in painful tight skin. I thought last year I’d found one that works, Freshly Cosmetics Healthy Protection Sunscreen Body Lotion SPF 50 however after using it for running in the spring that more in the summer at the beach my skin started to get sore tight again. I’d just got 2 bottles in their flash sale too. After some searching I found in Sephora España Mimitika SPF50 Body Sunscreen a French cruelty free, vegan brand that has some nice ingredients however is not reef friendly, using an alias for octinoxate (only found out researching this post. My hunt for a sunscreen continues) a huge reef no no, but is nano, paraben, PEG and phenoxyethanol free. I burn fairly easily and I haven’t burnt using this one even in Mallorca when the sun is a lot stronger than Barcelona. I did burn slightly on my back one day sunbathing and snorkelling but this was down to me not reapplying in that area. Daily application and reapplication a bottle lasts about 2 weeks with a non greasy lightweight formula. I haven’t tried it running instead using up the zinc sunscreens, showering asap after runs to avoid sore dry skin. It also contains a seaweed ingredient that promotes or boosts your melanin for a more even tan. I am looking less patchy this year even with vitiligo. Mimiktika also do a titanium dioxide sunscreen which I’m keen to try which Sephora Spain doesn’t stock, but their own site does always out of stock. I’m hoping my skin can handle titanium dioxide more than zinc oxide as I don’t like using non reef friendly sunscreens. This wasn’t meant to be a review!  

Desk Fan

I picked up from Muy Mucho a USB desk fan that’s worth every penny. I use it in the bathroom on hot humid days when no product is sinking in and I’m sweating to help products sink in and reduce sweating as well as a desk fan.

What have been your summer essentials this year? Please share in the comments below!

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