Weekend Friday Favourites. 8.5.2022

I can’t believe it’s already one week into May! My birthday month is flying before it’s begun!

I hope you’re having a great weekend! I popped into Decathlon yesterday and got excited for the up and coming snorkel season. Decathlon has changed their swim design team as this year. Snorkels are in all colours, the women’s rashies in wearable colours not bright neon pinks or weird reds, blues and the swimwear in updated designs. I might have just purchased a rose quartz coloured snorkel mask. The sea took mine last year and I had so many issues with its replacement. That’s my excuse. Anyway, Weekend Friday Favourites, things that have caught my eye or made me smile this week.

Baby Prairie Dog Pups

Cuteness overload!

Apparently there are 9 at Zoo Barcelona!

A week later, more fur and a cute belly!

Nasturtiums Flowers

Last year I got a pack bee friendly pollinator seeds that came with a bee/insect house. Sunflowers and nasturtiums are the only 2 I can remember. The only plant to survive were the nasturtiums. All winter they kept their leaves and recently started to flower!

Niche Beauty for Honest Beauty

I thought the only store in Spain that sold Honest Beauty and Kora Organics was Douglas with limited products. Spain can be particular on beauty ingredients and products sold within Spain hence not all a brands products are sold. I learnt quickly unless it’s through the EU or an EU distributor customs will return to sender if it’s checked. Every now and then I check Douglas Germany, the mother company of all Douglases in Europe to check if they have more Honest Beauty and Kora Organics products in, to expect them in Douglas España, only to get a little envious how many more products they sell and how much cheaper! For example, Douglas España has only just got in two Honest Beauty shampoos and conditioners that have been available in Germany for a while. Douglas Germany they retail for €8, Douglas España €19.99! €8 is what it’s sold for in the USA so why the price increase for Spain? The labels are in German does that affect it? Do transport costs to Douglas España warehouses put the price up?

Last week searching online to see if any reviews had mention if Honest Beauty sensitive shampoo and conditioner had dried out their hair, Google shopping popped up Niche Beauty in Euros. I was a little curious. I thought Douglas had the Honest Beauty monopoly in Europe. Nope! Niche Beauty also stocks Honest Beauty with as many products as Douglas Germany*! Do they buy from Douglas and sell on? In addition some products are cheaper than Douglas España, particularly the shampoos and conditioners mentioned sold at €8! More Kora Organic items that ship to Spain too! I was in shock. Kora Organics prices are the same world over. All that changes is the currency symbol. To seal the deal the day I ordered was European Mothers Day so I got 20% off everything! In the future before ordering I’ll check both out for prices and stock.

*At the time of purchasing. A quick check to check prices at time of writing Douglas España has the newer products in. The sets though are double the price to those on Niche Beauty!

Starlet Star Pups

I went on a house plant buying spree a few months ago two of which being Starlet Stars. I think they like me as both have about 4 pups each! 

Strawberry Flowers

The plant buying spree also included strawberry plants. I thought maybe I could save some pennies in strawberries over the summer. The plants weren’t much, €2.99 each. I got 3 and was a little concerned one wasn’t going to make it. March was rainy, windy with the air heavy in sea spray. I thought the salt had killed one. It’s recovered and one plant has flowers! 

RuPauls Drag Race. Netflix 

My latest check out of life and escape viewing is RuPauls Drag Race. I sometimes skip ahead to the week’s maxi challenge to get past the bitchiness. I’ve only watched All Star’s season 6 and am 3/4 of the way through season 12 and these ladies are talented. The costumes some Queens design and make themselves, the make up, the concepts to the themes they come up with is amazing, the lip synchs and the word plays have me giggling 😃

Sectioning Comb

I don’t know why I didn’t buy a sectioning comb earlier for when I apply my overnight hair oils or amla powder mask to help lessen those white hairs. It’s not like I’ve seen my hairdresser use one when she applies hair masks either. Only after seeing one in Primark, yes Primark again I thought about one. I looked for a non plastic one but all I could find was this one in a set of 2 with the other being a metal handle. The metal handle one looks like it will scratch my scalp. Previously I just randomly sectioned off with my hands before clipping up my hair. Using a sectioning comb has made applying the oils and masks so much easier and quicker! 

What’s been making you smile this week or caught your eye? Have a great weekend and thank you for stopping by!

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