Beauty Finds: Moisturizers, A Face Mist and A Handcream

Welcome to another Beauty Finds! My honest review on Kora Organics Moisturisers, Frank Body Face Mist and Freshly Cosmetics hand cream.

As usual my requirements for beauty products are: cruelty free, vegan is better, natural ingredients, clean ingredients or a combination of both. No nasty ingredients like SLS, parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals etc. I also try to avoid second, third, fourth generations petrochemicals. I avoid palm oil as I prefer oranguatans. Some get through as I sped read the label, didn’t know its alias or that ingredient until later. With skincare it’s easier to be picky. With makeup it’s a little more tricky so I opt for cruelty free. I’m also reducing plastic waste however with beauty products it’s not always easy finding less plastic packaging. Brands are catching on that consumers want less plastic such as Freshly Cosmetics.

My skin type is oily, sensitive, acne and even more now, I look for anti-aging products. I know ageing is inevitable, I’m all up for slowing those wrinkles. 

Kora Organics Purifying Moisturizer Oil/Combination Skin 

A light-weight daily moisturizer that is great for oil/combination skin. Thanks to Certified Organic Aloe Vera, Lemon and Green Tea Extracts for controlling excess oil and providing hydration and balance to your skin. 

I was looking forward to trying this moisturiser as the Kora Organics products I’d been using I was enjoying. A friend brought me back this from Australia as it’s unavailable in Spain (I paid her back of course)! While I loved the scent and the light weight texture sadly it just wasn’t hydrating enough for my skin. I tried it both as a day and night moisturiser and found it worked better in the mornings. When used at night I found myself putting more on 30 minutes later to feel hydrated. In the morning this was overcome by applying SPF afterwards. As for controlling excess oil, I was still as shiny later on in the day. 

I like the way the airless system tube works so you get all the product without getting germs in the moisturiser and for it to remain fresh. I’ve cut open the tube and the dip tube is quite short ensuring you get nearly all the product. There was about enough for 2 days application. Would I repurchase? No, it wasn’t hydrating enough for my oil combo skin.

Kora Organics Hydrating Moisturizer Dry Skin

A creamy daily moisturizer great for dull or dry skin. Thanks to Certified Organic Noni, Rosehip and Macadamia Nut Oil for replenishing, revitalizing and hydrating your skin. 

While my skin is oily combination, it’s fickle. Some gel moisturisers it likes, some it doesn’t. Sometimes it loves heavy creams for dry skin, sometimes those heavier creams don’t provide enough moisture (maybe the molecules can’t soak into the skin and just sit on top). I thought this one might provide enough hydration. I confess, I wanted to work through Kora Organics line also. Hearing so much about the brand and finally getting my hands on them this girl wanted to try them all! 

Sadly again while I loved the scent again it didn’t work for my skin either as a day or night moisturiser. I ended up using it for the day with my SPF providing the additional hydration I felt my skin needed. I unfortunately for both can’t remember how my skin was with regards to fine lines etc. I think the purpose of Kora Organics moisturisers are to hydrate with the serums and oils do the heavier work. Like all 3 Kora Organics Moisturizers, it lasted a long time. About 3-4 months. I did repurchase as for my day moisturiser and had to have a little talk with myself to not repurchase more as I liked the scent or that it was Kora Organics.

Kora Organics Soothing Moisturizer Sensitive Skin 

A calming day moisturiser that soothes and hydrates delicate and sensitive skin. Thanks to Certified Evening Primrose Oil, Chamomile and Lavender Extracts for soothing and nourishing your skin. 

This one does work on my skin! The smell I’m not keen on. Very lavender that thankfully dissipates quickly. Again I think its purpose is just to moisturise, no added benefits. It does require extra at times massaging in especially I noticed if I’ve used Honest Beauty Retinol. The Ordinary Retinols it fine with. My skin in the morning usually feels much smoother and hydrated (this also depends on how much sleep, how much water drank etc). My skin misses it if I don’t apply it. I use it as my night moisturiser as it’s a little heavy, although it’s fine for as a day one. My reasoning, save the more expensive one for the evening and that way I get to try lighter weight ones in the morning. If you have difficult oily acne prone skin I think this one is better than Purifying Moisturiser as acne skin in my opinion is sensitive skin. Something aggravates it to have acne.

Kora Organic’s secret ingredients. Noni fruit and rose quartz

Frank Body Anti-Angry Face Mist

Made with rose water and aloe, my face mist is a light rose water spray to cool down angry skin, freshen up foundation and give you a reason to spritz anyone who needs to calm TF down. Mist standing, mist sitting, mist dancing… naked.

This has a great rose fragrance and hydrates really well. If using it as touch up mist, the spray range is quite intense so be careful where you spray! It drenches more than mists. It provides an instant refreshing pick me up. As a toner mist it’s okay, providing again an instant skin feels awake feeling. I didn’t repurchase as I felt the packaging was a little too much, it’s 70ml making it a product I got through quickly using twice a day and I wanted to try other toner mists. Would I repurchase? Maybe.

It contains coffee Arabica (coffee) seed extract. A few years I go I stopped drinking coffee for no other reason that I had a bad cup that made me sick. I couldn’t face coffee for a while and when I did have my next cup, I didn’t like. The aroma of coffee I inhale with sad puppy dog eyes I don’t drink it anymore. I switched to hot lemon instead of my morning cup of coffee. Within a few months I noticed I wasn’t getting as much cystic acne. I did some research and there is a link between coffee and cystic acne. I continued to use Frank Body’s Caffeinated Face Moisturiser which too had coffee seed extract. When I stopped using that last year and only writing Clean Aussie Beauty Brands I’m Using, I noticed my cystic acne virtually gone. It could be a coincidence or my body just doesn’t like coffee applied topically or ingested. 

Freshly Cosmetics Tratamiento Pro-Repair de Manos y Uñas* Hydration Booster And Nail Keratin Strengthener 99,0% Natural Ingredients 

This hand cream improves skin hydration, firmness, elasticity, luminosity and softness and boosts nail keratinzation. Its natural hydrating technology combines a powerful complex of xerophytic plants and vegan hyaluronic acid that improves the skin’s water retention, hydrating and repairing dry, chapped hands. Its rice extract concentrate increases keratin production and promotes nail growth. Its carefully crafted formula boosts hydration with nourishes with plant-based oils such as shea butter, cottonseed oil and avocado oil and its peach-apple scent will make you want to take it everywhere you go!

*Pro Repair Treatment for Hands and Nails 

I was so excited to use this cream. Only the pump, lid and label is plastic. It has a nice fruity scent and is packed with hydrating ingredients such as aloe vera leaf juice, almond oil, avocado oil , shea butter, soya oil, various types of glycerine and squalene. 

My Grandma always used to say hands show a girl’s age, so moisturise, moisturise, moisturise (My Mum says the same thing about necks. Never forget to apply lotion and potions to necks too!). My hands more so the back of my hands get dry very quickly. With dry hands and my Grandma’s voice telling me to moisturise my hands I’m always conscious keeping my hands as hydrated as possible. In the winter it’s harder so I’m always looking for really hydrating hand lotions. I usually apply hand cream just before leaving the house so I appreciate hand creams that are fast absorbing and non greasy. I try to apply moisturiser on my hands and feet before bed but usually forget (I use up lotions I didn’t like this way without wasting them). Sadly this didn’t leave my hands feeling hydrated. It absorbed pretty fast, but left my hands feeling like they needed more. It’s also expensive for the price 50ml for €14 . Would I repurchase? No.

Have you tired out a whole beauty brand line because you were excited you could finally get to try it out? I’m learning to listen to my inner voice when that starts to happen. The times it’s said leave products on the shelf or in the basket and I’ve ignored it, it’s usually been right.

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    My mum constantly tells me to moisturise my hands and neck! Also to apply SPF! Love your blog, I have followed you and can’t wait for your next post. xxx

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