Weekend Friday Favourites

I hope you’re having a great weekend!

Another late Weekend Friday Favourites, but better late than never (maybe never depending on if you don’t like these sort of posts!) of things that have been making me smile this week or caught my eye. So without further ado…

Etude House Missing U Hand CreamEtude House Missing U Hand Cream

I mentioned in January Beauty Finds, Missha’s Love Secret hand cream I have stashed my bag that I use out and about (mostly after the gym). The 3rd to last thing I do before leave the house (rucksack and bike) is apply hand cream. Handlebars even with gloves up the wind chill factor for dry chapped hands at the moment. This cream’s another find from Miin, super moisturising, a little goes a long way, non greasy, no nasty ingredients and smells like summer with it’s peachy smell. Plus the packaging’s cute!

Maki Avocado SushiMaki Avocado Sushi

I don’t eat fish, but I do eat seaweed! P introduced me to maki avocado sushi when he was here over Christmas and it’s now my weekly treat! But not the cucumber one. Nasty stuff cucumber. As for wasabi, how that appeals to anybody’s tastebuds’s a mystery. It’s nastier stuff than cucumber and melons.

Tuesday’s Run ViewTuesdays Run View
The water recently’s been whispering come on in! Maybe in 3-4 months!

Super Set, Scorpion Side Kicks, Fitball Bridges and Side Kneeling Leg Circles

Scorpion side kicksscorpion side kicks Shape Magazine

Fit Ball Bridges images (1)

Side Kneeling Leg Circles Kneeling+side+kick1

I felt these 3 moves, (2 x 12, 30, 15 respectively) kick my rather my lazy gluteus medius the next day running! Apart from legs and booty they also hit abs, obliques, lactic acid, shoulders and arms. The trick with the scorpion kicks (a Shape Magazine find. I only buy Shape for their workouts via Zinio. I get I think 12-14 issues for the price of 2.) is to keep the leg/foot at hip height, not letting it drop on when kicking back to the start.

Dawn Dawn over Mediterranean Sea

Friday’s dawn should have been my pick for Weekly’s Photo Challenge, Vibrant, but I’d forgot I’d taken photos thanks to how the day went. I’ve also been watching Venus that’s been visible at dawn to the left of the moon. Some of you’ll go duh; it looks like star but doesn’t twinkle or shimmer like a star! Thanks to the Sky View app, if I’m up in time to see dawn, I’m learning a few of the planets visible to the naked eye around dawn.

Stuart, Despicable MeStuart Despicable Me ballon

This make me laugh. Stuart from Despicable Me inconspicuously spying. The odd angle’s from being on the escalator.

Aj and D

Just because!Yogicat AJ

Aj’s putting on weight thanks to his chemo medicine and he loves nothing better than hanging out all evening on the sofa hogging blankets. And yoga mats that need cleaning.Diesel loves his box

Diesel, I had to get a tablet dispenser syringe thingy for. While I can get him to take his medicine, for everyone it’s easier with the dispenser syringe. He makes it even easier for me. He meows in protest when I open his mouth which makes it so much easier to administer the tablet. As soon as it’s done, the fuss is for nothing.

Exploring El BorneEl Borne, Barcelona

Took a different way to the magazine shop. New shops are always popping up in El Borne. Every now and then I take a little detour through the side streets to see what’s new. There’s always new boutiques, ice cream parlours and cafes. I hardly shop in this area (boutiques are little expensive and there’s usually no refund), even when I lived in El Borne, I didn’t much. I have always though liked cycling and walking around it!

080 Barcelona Fashion Week, El Borne
080 Barcelona Fashion Week

I didn’t get my invite! But then I don’t blog in Spanish or Catalan, I’m not a fashion blogger and if I were, it’ll be generic fashion!

Seagulls, Boating Lake Parc de la CiutadellaSeagulls, boating lake parc de la ciutadella

I’ve missed the zoo gates all this week by seconds! I did get to see seagulls hanging around the boating lake in the park. I’m not sure if they’re resting or waiting to steal the ducks freebie food they get thrown at.

French language to simplify and change spellings, drop accents and vowels on some 2000 plus words. It’s causing a bit of fuss, however the Académie Francais announced the changes back in 1990 that they would come into effect in 2016. C’est la vie, no? Maybe it’ll make learning French easier.

Lazy dog, who ran a 1/2 marathon just because. And came 7th

Runaway cow living in luxury after escaping off a lorry bound for the slaughterhouse

What’s been making you smile this week? Chopsticks or knife and fork? My Vietnamese friends would hold their heads in shame if I didn’t know how to use chopsticks by now! Have a great week!

Fit ball bridge and side kneeling leg circles from Google Images


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    I love that glute move on the ball. Very effective.
    I love that photo of dawn. I can’t believe the colours!

    1. says:

      I have a love/hate thing with it!

      Dawn if it’s to overcast always has amazing colours. I still can’t believe them when I see them! xo

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