Weekly Photo Challenge Vibrant

Red. That’s vibrant right?!

Every 5th of January in Spain the 3 Kings arrive bringing presents. Father Christmas or Santa makes a few rounds, but it’s the Kings that brings Christmas presents. They parade through the streets with their entourage. If you’ve been good, you get presents and just like if you’ve been naughty Father Christmas stuffs your stocking with coal, the Kings do too. They even have a train just for coal. This lady’s leading that train as the Kings paraded through Barcelona this year. Los Reyes Magos, Barcelona 2016Vibrant Vibrant


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    Nice tradition! I learned something new!

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      🙂 It’s a great time to visit the city! And you get sweets/candy at the end! Buses follow the coal train firing sweets and ticker tape from canons. You leave with pockets stuffed full of sugar!

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