In The Summertime. July 2022 Part 2

I’m so bad. I thought by now I’d have caught up sharing the year, not be 5 months behind as 2023 approaches. It’s okay, it’s reflection right?!

Teenager flamingo, Barcelona Zoo

Mid July Koa came to stay. Her story’s here. The vet said she’ll be petite and now at around 8 month they lied. Small medium for sure with a long body. Her first night she missed her Mama, brother and sister. Meowed all night. I found her a few times at the very top of the cat tree. The only thing that would calm her was holding her in my arms. I tried sleeping with her like this to be woken up to more meows. Gradually over the course of the night I’d find her muscling up the side of the bed. I woke to find her snuggled up washing. I guess I wasn’t that bad of a human. I only had cries for one night and I’ve no idea how mums deal with new borns. She’s grown up into a very opinionated cat like her Uncle Diesel. 

First morning

Second morning. She grew into her legs and white chin. She’s now currently complaining I’m blogging and not playing with her. Yes, I sleep on towels in the summer. It’s kinda nice. I found the tip on Reddit and thought I’d try it. It also protects the duvet cover from my after sun DIY body butter.

Water reflection on either bird of paradise or banana leaves.

I forgot how the light and colours are in summer. Bright and vibrant. 

Nearly every day and as much as I could I was in the sea. Even if for 10 minutes saying hi to the fish. Obsessed? Maybe! 

Mauve stinger/Pelagia noctiluca jellyfish

Winter coats were beginning to show in the shops or rather Primark. Waaaaaay too early! Summer had only just begun! 

Slippers too!

To be honest, July this year was a staycation or just life as usual. No travel because of Koa and I wanted to wait until she got her chip. I was happy just to enjoy the warm sunshine at the beach. The hot hot summer doesn’t last long. 2.5 months at most and it flies by.

Gibbon, Barcelona Zoo

Koi carp, Barcelona Zoo

I haven’t shared on here before, while I’m an avid got to get my workout in daily person, I don’t share my fitness side as much anymore. I stopped last year going to the gym. I trained for a while at my climbing gym’s gym before starting to train at home. Okay, I don’t have all the equipment I’d like, I don’t see many people not that I talked to many at the gym anyway, I feel I have more of a life. It can feel sometimes like a chore to workout in the living room I won’t lie. However I feel like I have more time and could enjoy the beach a little more before racing to the next thing. I could snorkel more as I wasn’t travelling to the gym, getting changed at the gym or stuck inside. I began last year to actually not enjoy going to the gym which is why I started working at out my climbing gym anyway as it was closer. Covid played a little role as when gyms reopened it wasn’t the same anyway. 

Not being a gym member and working out at home means I had more time for summer.

Koa’s first visit. She’s chill cat at the vets.

Editing error I like

I can’t believe how tiny she is here. That long body like her cat mama!

Always in the water when I could!

Baby mullets

Jet ski seat I saw bopping with the waves to the shore. I regularly participate in beach clean ups, so I waited until I reach for it as I had already got changed out of beach stuff when I saw it.

Still continued to feed the ducks and geese!

Flamingos, Barcelona Zoo

The cutest prairie dog pups at Barcelona Zoo.

Jackdaws and parakeet, Barcelona Zoo.

Towards the end of July when the heat had set in the days began to get noticeably shorter. It’s amazing how after the 21st December the days within a week will be noticeably longer by 5 minutes. It makes a huge difference to my general mood. These short days in December really get to me.

Those 5 minute longer days even if the mornings get darker mean the light’s coming back, the sun’s getting higher in the sky again.

So many shapes

She now fills D’s crows nest and loves to sleep upside down.

Thank you for getting this far! If you think this is a lot of photos, I took around 3500+ in July so this is just a fraction. Most of them were of the fish 🤦‍♀️

Thank you for stopping by!

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