Happy 2016 and Weekend Friday Favourites

Happy 2016!Fountain New Years 2015/6

I hope you had a great time celebrating! Our celebrations started with La Cursa de Nassos. A sunset start 10km run into the night around Poble Nou. 2nd year in a row running and it was just a packed with runners.11,500 of us! A toasty run until 8km when there was no shelter from the cold sea air. I was prepared this time, long leggings and a fleece head band. Last year when I hit 8km I started to get cold. My gamble paid off and I appreciated the layers walking 1km back to the bag check. It’s a fun way to see out the year. No PR’s but I knew there wouldn’t be. Pace is 1 thing I’ll be working at this year as well as pull ups, chin ups and muscles ups for Spartan Race walls and more yoga. Making more time for yoga.

One reason why I’m not a fashion blogger! Can’t pose forCursa de Nassos, 2015

Seeing in the New Year, we broke tradition. We actually went out! Can you believe in the 10 years I’ve been here minus 3 New Years in France, I’ve never joined in Barcelona’s celebration at the Magic Fountain once! Usually it’s the cats and me (P’s normally working) watching the countdown on TVE1 ready to eat 12 grapes in time to the las campanas. A Spanish tradition, 1 grape per month for the year ahead bringing good luck. The fun bit, they have to be eaten with the 12 midnight campanas/bells ringing in the New Year. It was great to be out for a change, but I won’t be going back to celebrate. It was way too crowded, people smoking, pushing, drunk and neither of us managed to eat our 12 grapes in time. Boo hoo.Fountain New Years 2015/6Moving through the crowd for a better place, didn’t work. Got boxed in!Fountain New Years 2015/6Magic Fountain New Years 2015/6

New Years Day, I watched the 1st sunrise of the year, something I started doing in France. The sea gave up it’s blue for lilac and the sky filled pinks and yellows.1st January sunrise 2016

Weekend Friday Favourites, things that have caught my eye this week or made me smile.

Dr Goerg Coconut FlakesDr Goerg Coconut Flakes

If the label has coconut on it, be sure I’m checking it out. I found these in Veritas this week and oh my. They taste just like caramel, coconut caramel. Chocolate has some serious competition!Dr Goerg Coconut Flakes

The Gnomist

When I was a kid I used to make Sylvanian Families and fairy houses with long grass by tying a blade around a handful of grass and flattening out the inside through an opening, like a teepee. Robyn Framption when she lived in Kanas, took fairy houses to another level anonymously creating Firefly Forest in Overland Park as a way of working through a divorce. Using tree hollows she helped not only herself but others along the way. I know if I was 5 and saw one of her fairy houses, you’d have a hard time convincing me that there wasn’t magic in the forest. Have tissue ready for the fairy magic. The full story and how she’s continued sharing pixie dust here.

SuryaSurya BarcelonaSurya Barcelona

Shopping in the centre I mentioned to P there was a cupcake cafe I occasionally pass but have never ventured in (no vegan cakes). On the way after a few ‘it’s the next block’ we found Surya, an Indian restaurant specialising in Indian street food. P was hungry and they had fried potato. Next time I ain’t sharing my pakoras and vadas de patata! The cupcake cafe ended up being 2 doors down. We snuck into look around, whimsical toy store meets Alice in Wonderland. Suyra’s street truck won.Surya BarcelonaSurya BarcelonaSurya Barcelona

Aj and DBreakfast with Mr Aj

AJ’s new chemo medicine initially gave him some extreme diarrhoea with some sofa accidents, but the Vet wanted to continue with the capsules. Instead of every other day, every 3-4 days or until his litter box activities improved. He’s now adjusted to them and is doing better, if you include beating up playing with his little brother for the first time in months. Diesel’s medicine’s working, he’s calmer, less thyroid meows,  sunbathing’s still a priority and he doesn’t mind faux fur coat hood trims.

Wednesdays RunWednesday run running errands

My first time running errands while out running. I ran back 1km from the bakery with the bread tucked under my arm like a rugby ball!

Internet Finds

Nat Geo 8 photos that inspired action and change

Gorjana 60% Sale

If you love modern, delicate, feminine, edgy jewellery, Gorjana’s currently holding a 60% sale. Most items are 18k gold plated and they offer a free replating service. Pieces come back looking brand spanking new which gives you an idea how much I wear my pieces. Most of my jewellery’s from Gorjana and quite a few pieces I purchased a few years ago I still wear. Costume jewellery can look dated, but Gorjana’s modern edge means they look fresh for a few years. They also have great sales (mailing list) which is when I scoop up what I’ve my eye on!

What’s been making you smile this week? Favourite Indian food? I go for mild spicy or no spice dishes. I wasn’t brought up with spice and it’s waaay too hot for me! P, he laughs at me. Fairy magic or clap hands? Have a great 1st week of 2016!


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    I couldn’t finish my grapes either. They were huuuuge! 😀

    1. says:

      Ha ha! I cheat a try to select small ones! Anyways, you can try again in February 😉

  2. says:

    For the record I think you could be a fashion blogger. Great pose. Sounds like a lively NYE. Sorry about the grapes. They do that exact same tradition in Mexico. I guess passed down from Spanish explorers.

    1. says:

      You’re too kind 😉

      From the little research I did on the grapes, it’s only been around for 110 years or so. Grape growers had an excess of grapes one year and the trend caught on!

  3. Happy New Year! Here’s to another bloggerfull year ahead for all of us. I enjoy your adventures!

    1. says:

      Thank you! Happy New Year too!

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