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This one might be on the girlie side, so guys you’re excused. Writing about working out and hair woes last week as I found out, was too girlie. Mr What do you want for your birthday, got busted after reading here that I’m dropping hints about my birthday soon. ‘Oh, do you want headbands then? What, Sweaty Bands?’, ‘Yes, they’re $15/€11 each! I wrote about them last week!’ ‘Oh yeah, just skimmed that, too girlie.’ Busted!*

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these as A, I don’t get out much to try new things and B, time flies. So without further ado:

One daily click provides 0.6 bowls of food and care to animal shelters across the USA. I’ve been clicking for a few years and love reading the rescue stories. Every click, The Greater Good displays ads from sponsors with 100% of the money going to The Greater Good charity partners. The past couple of months, I’ve also been clicking the rainforest, hunger and greater good tabs. Each week there’s a new charity ranging from saving jaguar habitat, giving grants to young women in Africa to start business, to giving 25 children free school meals for a year in Guatemala respectively. You can also sign up for a daily click email reminder.

Dr Organic Manuka Honey Rescue Cream from


This has been a little miracle worker with my eczema. Recently it’s been flaring up on my eyelids (glamorous, right. A nightmare with eyeliner) and this has been the only thing that’s calmed it. Cutting down on yeast products has helped also. I got a little too addicted to nutritional yeast and paid the price. It’s now my night eye cream as it’s also a wrinkle buster .

Fashionable Fashionistas

I found this amazing documentary by accident about 6 ladies with an average age of 80, defying age without surgery, botox, dressing how they want and not giving two hoots about it. If I ever live to 80, I want to be just like them. These ladies love life and it shows. They’re remarkably agile (perfect plank at 86!) and refuse to dress how little old ladies should.

Asics Gel Nimbus 15IMG_6348

Nearly 300km later, they’re still the comfiest and best running trainers ever to have graced my feet.

Urban Deacy, Naked 2 Eyeshadow palette


For someone that’s been wearing make up for years, I’m only just being more daring with it. Okay, more than one colour and shading. The great thing about this palette is 12 eyeshadows for £38/€47 when each one individually costs €17. So if there’s one I don’t like, it’s not so bad. There’s nothing I don’t like more than paying €14+ for an eyeshadow I don’t like the next day as you can’t return it! I ordered this online as all the local Sephoras were out and as were the ones in Spain on holiday. I was told there was a shortage in Europe, so I was luckily to find it online as there seems to be also an online shortage.

Suspension Trainer, Inverted Rowssusp-inv-row-b-female

Inverted rows have always been my favourite back move. If I’m at a gym, I use the deadlift/squat racks. Since I currently train at home, I use a suspension trainer and ever since I got a Woss one earlier this year from, I’ve been a happy girl!

Image taken from The Women’s Health, Big Book of Exercises, which it’s self is a great reference book.

Dehydrated Mango SlicesIMG_4356They taste just like gummy bears! I can’t get enough of them at the moment on their own or in trail mix. Ever since we got our own dehydrator, we’ve been whipping up a batch every week. Vegan beef jerky!


Longer warmer days, less socks to wash, green trees, colour and the promise of Summer!

What’s your favourite thing at the moment? Do you know any ladies who are defying age gracefully yet still having a ball?

* He gets brownie points for reading The Adventures of natjtan 99% of the time.

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