Wunder Under

I caved. I said I wasn’t this year, but I caved. I got some Lululemon leggings. Wunder Under’s full length, crop and a pair of Run Aspire Crop II. I did try on other brands, but once you’ve gone Wunder Under, there’s no going back.IMG_1796

I was after a pair of gym leggings that would see me through the gym, running, cycling and wear outside the gym without screaming ‘GYM!”. I had pair of Wunder Under’s from a few years ago that I loved. They retired from working out last year and this year after becoming a house pair. In actual fact many of my Lululemons leggings I’ve had have lasted about 2 years and I put them through lot! I tried on other brands, yoga and sport, but I prefer Lululemon quality and fit. I took the chance they’d pass the squat test this year, which they did. Even if they hadn’t have passed, as long as they weren’t on discount, worn, or tags removed a full refund is issued.

I prefer tuck the hem under about 3-4cm and then pull down the extra length rather than let it ruffle like below. LW5F81S_015807_1

The Run Aspire Crop II are like a second skin, lightweight and I hardly notice them running. I don’t over heat thanks to the mesh panel behind the knees for ventilation and Luxtreme four way stretch fabric or get itchy behind the knees that you can get from wearing tights or leggings. Like the Wunder Unders (crop) fit like a second skin. As for those Wunder Unders, they are just that!

Though a slightly thicker fabric than others, they saw me through a cold gym and weather last week in the UK (outside about 7 degrees, indoors, probably just as cold. Both the meeting room and gym floor were ridiculously cold. I was in a tank top, long sleeved lightweight top, a long sleeved winter running top and a scarf!) and 16C or more running, cycling, working out back in Spain thanks to the Full-on Luon fabric. I often find that I don’t want to take them off! They are pricer, but I’m willing to pay extra if I know I’m going to get a few years wear out of them. If I wash them correctly I should. No throwing them in with towels or fabric softener. Oh, and like most of Lululemon’s legging give the booty a lift!

While I’m gushing over Lululemon. I’m also gushing over my new gym tops. Undiz €6.95 or 2 for €9.95 tanks, balancing out the price of the leggings. Lightweight, colourful, cheap, skim rather than fit, wick away like the ‘insert swoosh’ tanks and will probably hold up as long as the leggings.


Are you a Lululemon fan? Is there one sports brand you’re most loyal to?

Lululemon Wunder Under Pants image taken from eu.lululemon.com