Coconut Oil As An Eye Cream

Hello! I have a great inexpensive natural eye cream to share with you that can be found in your kitchen cupboard. Coconut oil!

A good eye cream is hard to find. I’ve tried expensive creams and cheaper brands. Expensive doesn’t mean it’s better and more effective than cheaper ones. I’ll admit there have a few expensive ones that have worked well with the only reason I stopped using them, the price kept going up. I prefer natural based skincare, not tested on animals and not filled nasty ingredients like parabens, liquid paraffin, sodium lauryl sulfate etc.

As I get older and the lines become harder to at bay. Sleep helps, trust me. If I don’t get enough, my skin tells all! Sleeping on silk/satin pillow can help reduce lines as the fabric isn’t as abbsaive as cotton on our skin. Dermatologists can tell which side we sleep on from our skin. I wrap a silky satin scarf around my pillow. I’m also learning that natural skincare is the better option for my skin. I don’t get as many breakouts. As many, I’m still battling acne and my skin’s happier when I use more natural products.

A few weeks ago, I was looking for a new night eye cream. I couldn’t find one I liked the sound of, had good reviews or within my budget. I thought I keep hearing about how good coconut oil is a moisturiser so I’ll try it. I already use it as an eye make up remover which works amazingly. It can remove the most stubbornest mascara, it’s cheap, a fantastic hydrator and is packed with antioxidants and vitamin E. Verdict, I love it. My fine lines (as long as I don’t smile. I can understand why Posh Spice, Victoria Beckham, doesn’t smile for photos much! Only joking!) have softened and smoothed out considerably. So much, I’m considering using it as a serum instead of rosehip oil, I’m currently using.

I’m however a little cautious to use it as a day eye cream as it can be a little greasy with make up. Once I’ve finished my current day eye cream, I’ll try it out.Coconut oil

Coconut oil is solid below 25 degree C, a liquid above. If it’s solid, warm it up in your fingertips and gently dab it with your ring finger around your eyes to apply. If it gets in your eyes, it can make them little filmy, but it doesn’t sting!Coconut oil eye cream

Do you use coconut oil in your skin care regime? I also use it as a deep conditioning hair mask in the summer to put moisture back in from swimming in the sea.