Driving and Cycling

I found a great way last night to get rid of drivers who ride your bumper. While trying to find the rear windscreen wiper switch, I ended up flicking the indicators every direction and then every direction trying to switch them off. The driver behind backed off and kept his distance! Crazy driver ahead.

Coffee and pre workout protein banana oat cookies were required to start yesterday. A so so workout as my back’s been sore the past few days. Off to the doctors tomorrow to see if she can workout all my recent aches and pains. Poor doctor! She’s gonna send me out her office!

At the moment I’m using a household step for step ups. For now it’s okay, but I’ll probably have to increase the height soon. No idea what I’m going to use instead that’s stable! Any ideas welcome!IMG_2903

The sun was out finally and it felt good to feel the sun’s rays cycling. Always sunshine after the rain.IMG_2910 IMG_2919Cycling through the port I saw a cormorant dive though, I have no idea where he popped up again. I waited a while, but he must have had fun swimming underwater. I sometimes see them drying themselves off in the mornings on the rocks. They just sit with their wings out soaking up the sun.IMG_1132

For once I didn’t have many issues catching the bus to Cannes. Normally, it gets stuck in traffic and I’m late. The service it seems has got better after changing it’s route and bus stops slightly. I hadn’t taken it for a few months and wondered why there were no timetables at the usual bus stop and no indication as to where the new stop was. I popped into the tourist info next door and it had moved 2 blocks. It’s pot luck when this particular bus comes.

As I got to work early (by 30 minutes!) I had time to check out the Russian Orthodox Church. It always looks out of place next to the apartment blocks.IMG_2938 IMG_2941 IMG_2949

As Paul had both the car and bike at work, he picked me up and I followed him back in the car after a quick pit stop at the boat. I roughly know the way back, but he led the way, pulling over and waiting every now and then. My Tom Tom! I still ended up going the wrong way when he waited a moment in a slip road and I took that slip road! Duh! No worries, back under the road and turn around.

Soul food when we got back. Paul wasn’t feeling too good and wanted a light snack. The answer: whole meal bread and avocado. Absolutely delicious! As was my spinach, carrot, kiwi and cranberry fresh juice!IMG_2953

How do you get bumper drivers to back off? What’s your light snack soul food?

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