A Run and Which Yoga Mat ?

There was a taste of autumn in the air yesterday morning. For the first time since May, it was chilly when I set off for my run. A nice and easy pace 8km to the end of the pier and back!IMG_7547

The light bouncing off the sea was amazing. Everything sparkled! The past few weeks  the light’s changed to cooler sharper colours from it’s summers warm glow. It’s a reminder that fluffy scarves and hot chocolate days are ahead! IMG_7553

I’m after a new yoga mat. After 3 years of use, my Lululemon mat needs replacing. It’s starting to peel and my toes get caught up! Last week I replaced my workout mat, which I’m happy to pay €15 for a Decathlon mat with the amount of use I put it through. It comes with a 2 year guarantee under normal usage, but with me they last about 8-10 months! Yoga mats however are different.

My current one as I discovered in Lululemon’s Covent Garden store last year has been discontinued. It’s actually my second Lululemon purple and black $20 mat. I found it on holiday in Florida one year and I liked it so much I purchased a back up on another holiday. Hence the reason I why have two mats. A cheaper one for workouts, a thicker better quality mat for yoga. I learnt the hard way. The 1st Lululemon mat couldn’t take both yoga and workouts!  IMG_8390

This time I don’t I think I’ll be getting a replacement Lululemon mat. I didn’t like the feel of the new styles and black and dark grey are the only colours available in Europe. The cheapest is €55, with free shipping. I’ve found a lightweight one from Manduka Pro Light £54, but it’s has mixed reviews. €68/£54/$87 is a lot for a mat regardless (and it better had some gold dust in for that price!). I’ve heard (online) good reviews about Yoga Mat Warrior Plus (£12-£40 depending on length and thickness), but from what I can see they look like my cheap workout mat, which doesn’t offer much thickness. Then there’s Bestek Yoga mats for around £20/€25/$32 which I like the look of, but reviews are limited!

I’m looking for a light weight mat that fits in a suitcase, can take a few years of yoga and doesn’t slip around ON the floor (I use a mircofiber towel in the summer to stop slipping from sweat). I’m more a vinyasa and strala girl and always happy to work on posture and alignment. Any recommendations welcome, just as long as they ship (with reasonable shipping costs. I’m not paying for the mat twice!) to Europe!

Also has anyone tried Onzie and Hipwidth yoga/workout leggings? I wasn’t too impressed with the Lululemon’s I got last year and looking for new leggings now it’s getting chilly. They also have to handle a heavy workload!

Have you noticed the light changing? What’s your favourite yoga brand mat and what’s the worst mat you’ve tired?


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      I’ll check them out. Thank you!

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    I love lululemon yoga attires but never tried their mat before. I use gaiam and it’s treating me well so far 🙂 – Lena


    1. says:

      Thank you, I’ll check gaiam out! I love lululemon though after the new collection of my usual pair last year failed the squat test and the price increase, I’m looking for a new brands. I patiently waiting for Fabletics to launch their Spanish site!

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    Lulu lemon must have quality mats. 3 years is a good run.

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      I think I got lucky with the price and mat(I think it was two years it lasted, I did get two the same!)! I’m not sure of their quality now. When I checked their European website this week, one was €108! It had better come with a lifetime guarantee for that price!

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        Wowza! It better have yoga pants rolled in it too.

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