What Day Is It?

This week has been a blur of early morning starts, so I’ve very much needed my wake up cup of coffee and glass of water. I would love to be all British and say a cup of tea, alias on an empty stomach, it can make me nauseous. Tea’s reserved for my favourite meal of the day, breakfast.IMG_9355

Monday’s and me don’t always mix. Generally my mind’s on overdrive for what I want to do that week and I want to do it all in one day! This Monday was no exception.IMG_9357

I had a great Monday workout. I reintroduced my sandbag to my strength circuit with squat presses. I removed some sand cat litter due to being the first time working with it in a while, I didn’t want to put too much stress on the knee and ankle. I feel that my upper body is itching to lift heavier, while the lower body has good days and bad days. The knee’s saying hello lunging the past few days, which it hasn’t done for a while. This is probably further adjustments my body’s making with the insoles and new posture. Well, that’s what I tell myself!IMG_9387

My class had been rescheduled due to school holidays, so I caught on to do chores and went for long bike ride. If I don’t get a good dose of fresh air everyday I get miserable!IMG_9388

Tuesday I’d forgotten just how much I love bodyweight skaters. 3 rounds, 30 seconds each in the mix. It was one of those good, sweaty workouts! Big smiles afterwards!

The mountains looked blue on Tuesday bike ride. This view never gets old.


Paul had finished work early and we had a good drizzly late afternoon in Nice. The new pavillon has been completed, though we didn’t have time to look around. Next time, when we get there early!

I was a little sleepy on the back of the bike in traffic going and needed yet more coffee. The best bit about having a Nespresso machine is that they offer a compliemently coffee after your purchase. Normally we pass, not today!IMG_9435

I’ve been trying on a few necklace jumpers and can’t justify the price tag. What’s a girl to do? Easy, buy a plain grey jumper from H&M and embellish it herself! I’m going to enjoy this project! While I wait for Jewel It glue to arrive, I can’t decide whether less is more or not. IMG_9451

I asked for a burger for dinner. I wasn’t expecting this monster vegan one!IMG_9444

Wednesday I was up bright and early to join Paul food shopping for the boat. The sunrise made up for my early start. While Paul shops for crew, I shop for us! Carrefour was full of apples, grapes, nuts and mushrooms.


I was teaching in the afternoon and managed to fit in a quick bike ride for a fresh air hit before work. The sun was out and there was no way I was going to be indoors all day while it was sunny. Paul picked me up from work and we went to Cultura in Cannes La Boca, a craft, bookshop, video game and DVD shop all in one to search for rhinestones for my jumper. Being motorbike chauffeured is the only way to travel! I ended up getting what I wanted from the christmas collection in Maisons du Monde, a home decorations place next door. Always the way.IMG_9450

We had a fast paced 5km evening run. I was feeling fast even though I hadn’t intended to run so fast or to keep up (just) with Paul. On the last half an kilometre back, my knee started to burn on the inside/medial side and didn’t like being too lifted too high. I’d had my first full day with insoles and I don’t think it liked the adjustment to trainers without them. Yoga is also trail and error for now. Patience is becoming the norm!

AJ and DD looking good for National Cat Day.

What’s your wake up drink? Coffee, tea, juice? Do you have a favourite view that you see daily?


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