Colour It

I’m sure people who live in the Tropics or anywhere hot, warm and sunny for most of the year are generally happier than those of us who live in cooler climates. Secretly I think everyone wants to live in Hawaii. Why not! It’s warm and sunny nearly all year round!

On and off for the past week it’s been sunny and rainy. More rain than sun! The rainy side of autumn doesn’t get mentioned as much as the crispy sunny days. Too many days of rain and grey are starting to affect my mood, creativity and energy. I’ve noticed I’ve been gravitating towards brighter colours as some kind of counter active remedy to the rain. Not necessarily dress, but things around me. Colour has an incredible effect on our feelings and emotions.

But not even my pink shorts could help me this morning. I I don’t know if my workout was tough or I was tired, but the last few sets, required some talking through. It worked, I felt better afterwards, but I’m looking forward to the nicer side of autumn everybody talks about.

At least the surfers and ducks were happy again today!IMG_0180

Do you find colour boosts your mood? What’s your go to happy colour? I’m always drawn to pinks, turquoise blue, white, gold, reds, light blue, black, and greys (but not rainy grey).  



  1. says:

    The color of the sky is just so mesmerizing! – Lena

    1. says:

      It is isn’t it! Sometimes reverse sunsets are just as if not more mesmerising than actual sunsets! I think it’s the way the light bounces off the water and clouds!

  2. says:

    Colour makes a huge difference in my mood. I feel so blah in winter when everything is white for months and months.

    1. says:

      Colour makes all the difference! Not sure I could live where there’s snow for months on end!

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