Groundhog Day’s been the theme recently (though I’m not complaining after reading todays news. Revolutions may eventually bring new life, but living during them may not) and even though it’s beginning to bite, there has been some sparkle!

Sparkle being dawn Tuesday. I woke to a pink sky and pink sea. Nature always gives the best colours!IMG_4303

A strength workout, with side shuffles drills up and and down the hall, which are fun and the best workouts are just that, fun and an odd smoothie later, it was time for a windy bike ride before work. Need that daily fresh air fix! The calm pink sky earlier turned into a windy greenish grey day. The sea spray felt good on my face and it felt good to feel alive!IMG_4335 IMG_4351

The day ended the way it started with sparkle. I recently found out that Em Cosmetics now ship internationally through I missed the FedEx guy and got a delivery sticky note instead. I called to rearrange delivery and found out that the local sorting office is near where I work. I picked the parcel up after work and yes, I did that girly squirrel jumping dance as I collected it. Can’t take me anywhere! I’ve waited a long time to try this range! I may have ordered virtually the entire range, but so far I’m happy with them. Even with shipping and import tax it works out cheaper than buying the equivalent in Europe. Crazy. I did get 20% off my order, which meant I could put an extra one or two items in the checkout basket. Well, that’s my excuse!IMG_4367

Snacking at the bus stop on vegan beef jerky: dehydrated mango slices.IMG_4356

Wednesday was one of those can’t get with it days. It started with a 7.5km road/off road run and ended with the last appointment at the dentist to be told I’ve cracked a tooth. I blame last weeks granola bars with full almonds in. It’s okay for now and if it starts to bite (ha, ha, no pun intended) bad, root canal or a crown…heavy stuff in his words, that he’d rather not do, so let nature do it’s thing. Gulp!IMG_4389

Thursday was my first HIIT with burpees in a long time. It felt good to be busting out squat jumps and burpees. Good for the soul too!

A day off meant I got to hang out with the cats. They slept mostly, but I think they like having their mama around! Though their Mama didn’t like cleaning, but it’s gotta be done!IMG_4402 IMG_4516

Just as I was about to go for a bike ride along the trails in the park, Paul came home. I asked if he was game and he was. It was like playing out after school before dinner! On the way back we stopped by the pizza van for socca. Yum, especially the crispy bits around the edges! I had just enough energy for yoga later to stretch out the hills!

The park officials this year have added a row of cherry blossom trees. They’ll look amazing in the spring!

Do you think that exercise is really grown up playtime, especially trial biking, running, canoeing, roller blading etc? As we get older, we loose our spontaneity and fun element. I feel exercise keeps that alive. What do you think?

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