Cranky Happy Nat

Cranky’s been the theme around here lately. Friday was my turn. I hadn’t got much sleep the night before so thought I’d have a little lie in on the last day to myself for a while. I got up for the sunrise, only to go back to bed for just 30 minutes more.IMG_4498The building’s lift builders were doing their thing and next door had builders in. I stuck it out for a long as possible before stumbling out of bed, cranky as hell, regretting not having much sleep. It took 2 coffees and a batch of fresh banana oat cookies before feeling with it.

It only takes one little thing, a look, action or gesture to make or break your day. Time was ticking, I realised I had a long run scheduled and I had planned to go to Nice. Bad time management on my part and I was cross with myself.

That all changed when I checked the post box. Inside was a late Christmas present from one of my best friends in Barcelona! It made my day! I haven’t heard from her for while and was concerned. The icing on the cake…I get to see her next week! My 10km run had spring in it!

And, they’re off! The bird’s weren’t hanging around posing. 10km road/off road run.IMG_4533

Yep, we’re off on our first family holiday, cats and all! Normally we leave the boys behind, but with AJ’s eye and that we feel we’ve asked their aunts to look after them a lot recently, they’re coming with us. It’ll be an interesting 7 hour car ride. Maybe longer. If the car goes over 60mph, D gets cranky and the whole car knows about it. It’s cute for a bit and then you wish you’d had ear plugs.

I caught the train into Nice and literally power walked around the shops, London style. Head up, walk with purpose and fast! I had about an hour and half before the shops shut and I wasn’t going to waste it! I haven’t had an afternoon shop to myself in ages and enjoyed quality Sephora time guilt free! Sometimes when shopping with someone else (especially your guy), you can’t always spend as long as you’d like browsing eyeshadow, jewellery and shoes.IMG_4553 IMG_4557One thing I’d never thought I’d find myself doing is foam rolling after shopping. Legs were screaming by the time I got back. While the osteopath has said everything is looking good, if I do too much with little recovery time, the ankle plays up. I’ve had quite a few days this week running around here, there and everywhere with little sleep. The last thing I want next week is cranky legs in mi cuidad favorito so I was rolling them!

Have you ever found yourself foam rolling after shopping? Do you take your pets on holiday? Do you prefer shopping alone or with someone?

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