October Time

This little boy reached double figures today. 10 years old and and a kitten at heart. Well, he could still be 9 or was 10 last month. No one knows his exact birthday. The 1st’s probably the day he arrived at the shelter. The day we picked him up from there, we were looking for a companion for AJ who was missing his London neighbour. He kept pawing at me and doing his cute roll over thing. I picked him up, he did his Diesel purr, head butts kicked in and that was that, he was coming home with me.IMG_5554

October started with a sunny early morning run to the end of pier and back with mist still in the mountains behind. If I run like I did this morning and a little faster for my 10km race next week, I might just be sub 52. Maybe quicker if I don’t take photos! The Nike app would like that. Every time I snap one running it pauses or if I pause it, it takes about a minute to register I’ve stopped. Occasionally like this morning, it plays music, app’s paused or Nikeplus is running, no music or just freezes. So much for a quick run before the Osteopath!IMG_7224

I’m trying a new osteopath that’s closer than the previous one. I found that by the time I got back, with metro changes and shopping too much when my shoulders are starting to feel heavy from the treatment. The new one in is located in the El Born which means I get to wander around my favourite neighbourhood afterwards. Next time however, I’m not picking up 1kg box of dates and Instyle magazine that weighs as much the dates. Normally they’d be no problem, but after treatment, they feel like 100kg! My shoulders were so heavy when I got back, I slept for about 2 hours straight while my body reacted to the treatment. IMG_0266

Anyways, Octobers here! It’s the month of apple crumble, butternut squash coconut milk soup, warm fluffy scarves, deep red, pink and orange sunsets, crisp sunny days and a hint of change in the air. 


Have a great October!

What do you look forward to in October? Do you sleep after a massage or after a physiotherapy or osteopath visit?






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