Friday Faves

TGIF! This week I’ve been adapting or rather attempting to adapt to a new routine. I won’t lie, last night I crashed after dinner on the sofa, woke up just after sunrise surrounded by cats. I was out and nothing would stir me!

This weekend I’m hoping to finish the Christmas shopping. The postal system here’s kinda slow so any presents I want to post have to be sent by next Tuesday. No pressure! We’ve still to get a tree. Can’t have Mr AJ not having his tree to give kisses to. Oh Christmas Tree was written for him. Does anyone else have a cat that nuzzles Christmas trees? Diesel’s the mischievous elf. Decorations, are play toys! I also want start a big sort out this weekend and over the holidays. Energy can’t flow when it’s blocked!

And I have an energy block coming up with a personal training name that isn’t cliche. Ones I’m coming up with lack lustre. So if any of you have a great name for a fitness company and don’t mind me using it, please share! All I can offer in return is bragging rights, you came up with the name and a free training session should we meet one day! I live by the sea, most of my clients will probably be female and the training style, functional, fun, bodyweight, TRX, resistance bands, the usual personal trainer tool kit. It also has to be something that is identifiable as fitness related in Spanish!

Anyways, Friday Faves but first todays run view. I knew in during Thursdays warm up my workout was going to be tough (I felt fine until I picked up that medicine ball!). I was feeling the last few training sessions and even though I had about 8 hours sleep, heavy legs out running this morning. They didn’t stop me from sprinting if you could call that up the stadium steps 3 times. Determination usually wins with me!

7.5km along the beaches.IMG_0531

And Friday Faves.

Tone It Up Cream Wrap Bracelet

I’ve been coveting this for a while as being cream and gold it goes with almost any outfit. The only thing I purchased over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend deals (they hit Europe this year too) and took advantage of Tone It Ups Cyber Monday 20% off.

Tone It Up’s New Office

How I’d like my home/spare room office to look like!

Lacasa Chocolate Covered Almonds

I love chocolate and now I’m dairy free, I thought my days of sweet tasting chocolate were over. There’s reason why they say only 2 squares of dark chocolate can help curb a chocolate craving, It’s so bitter you only want a square or two anyway and where’s the fun in that? And to my surprise, not all dark chocolate is dairy free. The nicer tasting bars have milk in! Lactosa is one of the few Spanish brands that’s dairy free and tastes good!

Reindeer Ring Holder

Not that I need another ring holder. I spotted this in Urban Outfitters and couldn’t leave the shop without. I tried, but I knew I’d only go back another day. He’s currently sporting a fetching look of bracelet-ed up antlers. He’ll also make a great Christmas present!

West Africa vs Ebola with Coach Idris Elba

Everybody loves football but not everybody can read. Using a pre match tactical prep talk, Africa United gets the message across on how to stop ebola spreading further in Sierra Leone and other West African countries.

What’s been making you smile this week? Have a great weekend!





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