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This past week’s been crazy. Ikea trips, rearranging furniture, running all day errands, collecting race t-shirts, trying to keep my cool in the post office with a lady who had to keep repeating things and didn’t like it when I asked her to reweigh the parcel after I had to take a few things out that couldn’t be sent (creams, make up as per the law from Oct last year. I mentioned a poster would be nice, to which she dug out the leaflet saying you can’t fit all this on a poster). I should have just kept quiet and if the parcel got returned, it got returned. 

Apparently 2kg is 2kg regardless of what’s just been taken out. It was a huge deal to have it reweighed. She was about put the previous weight stamp on and I asked her can you reweigh it please. She started to proceed that 2kg is 2kg, it still weighs the same and kept banging on about what she just had to do, (with a hint I questioned her work). I was thinking normally if you take something out that’s send by cost per weight you’d reweigh it. I understand there are weight brackets, but you can be nice about it. I replied, can I pay now, oh no, she had to keep going on about it. P was with me, acting as a motorbike chauffeur for errands and a meeting that was a mission in itself, I think was ready at this point if it was him (I act as translator), would have said forget it and walked out. I did my best not get my guard dog out, not to retaliate and be mindful with my words, which was hard. It wasn’t worth it and I couldn’t wait for the end of that day to shower off all the bad juju.

Yes, I feel better now! I hope you’re had a great weekend! I can’t believe this week’s (fell asleep editing so it’s a Weekend Monday Friday Favourites) mine and Aj’s (the cat) birthday week. This year’s going way too fast. I can’t believe that ball of ginger and white fluff who once fitted in the palm of my hands is about to be 15 years old. Anyways, a double Weekend Friday Favourites, things that have made me smile or caught my eye recently as I missed last weeks.

D’Lirio Brass Gold Plated Phoenix Bracelet 

I’ve been curious to look around D’Lirio in El Borne for a while however as I always cycle past it I tend to forget to stop by. I had a few spare minutes 2 weeks ago, popped in and left with their Phoenix bracelet. I’d seen the symbol before but wasn’t sure what it meant. I asked the shop assistant, who said it was the sun and moon. A Google search later said it could the horned god in Wicca. I guess it’s kinda fitting as I have 2 familiars (cats) and I make lotions and potions (my own toothpaste, deodorant and eye cream). 

Skinny Dip Peach Keyring

I found this cute peach keyring in Urban Outfitters, that’s currently acting as a zip pull on my purse (coin purse). It’s too heavy for keys, hence being a zip pull.

Sunset Reverse

Chairs Awaiting Scrap Collection 

Every barrio has days were you can put large items out for scrap or trastos collection by the council with everybody free to take what they want before the council collects. You’d be surprised what people throw out, that one mans junk is another’s treasure. These 3 chairs were waiting collection on a Wednesday evening in the centre and reminded me of 3 ladies watching the world go by and putting it to rights.

Zebra Strips, Zoo cats, Flamingos Drying And A Tiger Nailing That Supermodel, Blogger Pose 

I made the zoo a few times. The advantage of being member means the amount of times I go works out about 50c per visit. 

Run Finds 

Found running on the beach

Reverse Overhead Medicine Ball Throws and Medicine Ball Slams 

These are always fun! I managed to find an out of the way area in my gym for the reverse overhead throws as you wouldn’t believe the amount of people that don’t look where they’re going. I made sure I was out the way, looked over my shoulder each time before throwing and I’m sure I’d have more space on the beach, but then again… Medicine ball slams how to’s here.

Aj and Diesel 

Just because

Internet Finds

Can Plastic road help save the planet? BBC News

Donkeys under threat as demand for hides grow. BBC News

Uganda’s punishment island. BBC News

The man who’s saved 92 crash victims. BBC News

Why doing poo takes almost all animals roughly 12 seconds. BBC Earth (lots of BBC links this week)

Scotland is home to small ‘tigers’ but maybe not for long. BBC Earth

The cats love window cleaners. Youtube

Diving Dog. Pet jack russet ‘Titti’ jumps from rocks with her owner. Youtube

Woman creates ladder for stray cats so they can come home escape the bitter cold. Youtube

What’s been making you smile recently? Have a great week!

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