Weekend Friday Favourites

See you in 9 months Winter for tomorrow’s the 1st day of Spring! Now you’ll have to listen to me going on about Summer in 3 months. Hehehe…

A short and sweet Weekend Friday Favourites as it’s been that kinda of week. A compilation of things that have made me smile this week or have caught my eye.

Beach Cat

Catching the afternoon sun while keeping an all important eye out.

Beach Dogs

These guys were so happy playing on the beach.

Longer days

The Spring Equinox means 12 hours of daylight. More if you include dawn and dusk which makes me one happy girl. And that I’ve been around for a few sunrises this week.

18.55 and still light

Street Art

Los Bancos/The Banks, cycling through El Born

AJ and D

Just because

I dared to vacuum again. AJ

D taking a break from sunbathing 

First Run In Shorts

I took my scarily Casper white legs out for their first outing this year. To say they are desperately in need of some colour is an understatement. Maybe because I’ve been in leggings for months, always at the beginning of short season (it’s no way warm enough for shorts out and about yet) when trying on last season’s shorts I’m always surprised how short they are. Do I really wear shorts this short (and how much longer can I get away with them)? By the end of Summer, I’m so used to the shortness I hardly bat an eye lid. That might be because my legs finally have some colour.

Kettlebell Swings

Always one of my favourite kettlebell exercises either with a single arm swing, double arm or single/alternate arm exchange grip at the top swing. They’re a great total body move focusing on the abs, back, shoulders, legs and bum. I always love performing them and always have to remember it’s the hips and abs that drive/do the work not the shoulders.

The 1st Daisies 

Internet Finds

Man hears barking under a pavement and rescues dog buried alive. Care2

Cyclists use GPS to draw a goat around Perth. BBC News

‘Grannies’ in India go back to school. CNN

It’s time to end the dogs and cat meat trade in the USA. Care2 I didn’t know some USA states ship dogs to abroad to be slaughtered in the dog and cat meat trade. There’s a petition to start putting an end to this.

Olly the Jack Russell the star of Crufts 2017. It’s his bum as he goes over the bridge during the agility course! And he’s a Blue Cross animal charity rescue.

What’s been making you smile this week? Have a great week!


Kettlebell image taken from Google images.

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