Mid/Late Spring Zoo Photos Part 1

I’ve been keeping zoo photos to a minimum for a while. Mainly to avoid repeats, same old, does she ever take photos other than at the zoo. Sometimes! 

I know when studying animals especially their behaviour you’re not meant to apply anthropomorphism. Likening human behaviour, traits, mannerisms to animals. It’s hard not to when the chimps are waiting to go to their night enclosure sit how anyone would while waiting. When the pygmy hippos play with big red ball floats. When the orangutans use tools or gather around to look at something. When the younger spider and mangabey monkeys steal each others food and their siblings get a that’s mine gesture. When birds like the hill myna who can ‘talk’, remembers me every time and chats with me. Okay, it’s limited to hola guapo, hola, hello (my claim to fame. I taught him hello!), coucou, various whistles, learning what’s up from me and a catalan phrase I have no idea what he’s saying. My belief is we’re all made of star dust, we’re all mammals so why no liken traits and behaviours? Is it that as we, humans, the ‘higher intelligence’ as in use reason and our opposable thumbs we can’t possible share any traits from furry things that can’t walk upright on 2 legs or make fire? Anyways, Late Spring Zoo Photos Part 1! Enjoy!


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