Why I like Instyle Magazine

April’s and May’s 2017 covers of US Instyle magazine made me happy. April’s featured Victoria Beckham and with May, Amy Schumer. 2 ladies with 2 totally different body shapes and age. Victoria Beckham gives us thinner lipped girls hope in a social media world of plump lips and lip injections. Amy Schumer proves you don’t have to be a haute corture runway supermodel to be on a cover of an international fashion magazine. Confidence and beauty at 20, 40 and 30

For as long as I can remember I’ve been an US Instyle magazine reader. I don’t think I’ve missed an issue since 2003. I was so happy when I found my then local kiosk sold it in Spain when I moved here. They still do and I make the extra bicycle ride just to get it from them. There’s no set day when it’s out, so I can make that trip for about 2 weeks! It’s only an extra 10-15 mins and I get to see El Borne. I could get in on Zinio, but Nat Geo and Shape I have on my iPad I read less than when they’re paper and I like to support the kiosk. I’ve never got on with Elle, Vogue and Harpers British or American versions. I used to read US Glamour and Cosmopolitan up until a few years ago I realised they’re for under 30’s. That’s why I’ve always liked Instyle. Their universal age appeal.

Okay, they feature designers, high fashion but they’ve always been more relatable to me. They’ve always has more beauty tips, skin care advice with a dose of interior design aka snooping in celebrities homes than other magazines. The latest editor, I think isn’t so keen on the interior aspect and is more fashion with an element I perhaps admire the most. They feature ladies of all sizes, ages, ethnicity and nationality. Okay most of these ladies are actresses promoting film and tv shows, singers, ex models, but I find them more relatable than other fashion magazines. They share their approach to life, life experiences, their beauty tips and secrets and fashion faux pas. They’re different ages and body types. Something I find other magazines don’t. As it is I’ve always preferred American magazines to British ones for some reason.

Now in my 30’s I get why seeing ladies 30, 40, 50+ on magazine covers is a good thing. Back in my 20’s I never understood the uproar why not to feature them. I didn’t want to see some old person on the cover! Now I do. You need to see them. They inspire, let you know you’re still young, you can look amazing even if you haven’t got your 20 year old skin. That you’re relevant when the fashion and beauty world wants youth and forgets age just a number. Featuring ladies of all ages you learn tips, know hows, difference aspects and outlooks on life you wouldn’t get from reading magazines only targeted to one age group. You learn from all the ages, whether they’re young or older than you. The good, the bad and the ugly. Debbie Harry featured in May’s issue looks amazing and shares her blonde hair roots (yep, pun totally intended), Heidi Klum in April’s issue shared her crazy daily schedule and her ‘uniforms’, Carolina Herrera at 78 isn’t slowing down yet in April’s issue. I love it when they feature Kate Hudson, which they do almost annually. I love it equally when they feature Helen Mirren. Lupita Nyong’o looked amazing on April 2016’s cover as did Mindy Kaling’s June 2015 cover and as often as Kate Hudson they feature Salma Hayak whose interviews I always love reading and watching. They even featured a few times ones of my favourite bloggers and YouTuber, Aimee Song from Song Of Style. Plus I kinda like its California vibe with its dose of New York sass. US Instyle Magazine celebrates ladies of all ages, sizes, ethnicity and nationality without prejudice which I think we’ve all gathered by now is the reason I like reading it.

Do you feel magazines represent women of all ages enough? Do you feel the fashion and beauty world targets one audience more than others? What’s your favourite beauty and fashion magazine? I like to keep a balance in reading: Instyle and National Geographic!


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    I do enjoy Instyle as well. They have a lot of high quality articles not only about fashion, but also about health, travel, culture, iterature and art. I like that a lot.
    I also like reading Cosmopolitan and Glamour, and Elle has some great articles as well.
    Vogue and Harper Bazaar are not my cup of tea, though. It’s just too high fashion with too many pictures and not many articles to read.

    1. says:

      I like Instyle also for many of the reasons you’ve listed. A bit of everything! Sometimes I have to avoid the travel sections. I might get a little envious! Back in the day I really enjoyed Glamour and Cosmo but I feel now they’re more for girls in their 20’s than 30’s!

      I agree with you on Vogue and Harper Bazaar. Too much high fashion for the average girl and stuffy!

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