Goodbye 2014 Hello 2015

Cleaning took a little longer than normal yesterday as I was on a mission. A mission to declutter and make space for energy to flow. Clearing out cupboards, tossing out old products I haven’t used in a year, things I don’t use and not likely to into piles for charity, recycling and out. There are still a few boxes left from when we moved full of ornaments I’ve put off going through mainly as I like having less to dust! I’m beginning to appreciate having less clutter, being able to breath and not feel as if the room is too crowded. Energy can’t flow when it’s blocked. It’ll find a way, but end result ain’t so tidy!

Wave energy cycling to the gym Tuesday.

Anyways, wishing you a Happy New Year and 2015! New Years Eve’s half started how I mean it to go on. An hour Yogaglo flow this morning, while AJ sunbathed and the last run of 2014, la Cursa dels Nassos, Nose Race 10km into the sunset (recap later!). The other half, scheduling. Maybe 2015, I’ll get it down!IMG_1359

2015 starts with one mystery solved. My hibiscus plants regularly come under attack from some hidden force. I always thought it was bugs, nibbling away at the leaves until this morning. I caught the culprit paw handed. Lo and behold, Diesel (the cat). I open the balcony door, he walks right up it and starts on his breakfast snack!

I’ll leave you with how I always like the see in the New Year. Watching the sun pop over the horizon for the first sunrise of the year. Hardly any traffic outside, just birds singing.

Happy New Year making dreams into adventures in 2015!