Wardrobe Bliss

Oh Monday! I’ll be running rings around you. You just wait and see! For now with the curve balls you send, I’ll smile, deal with them. It would be nice if you could make the dealing less of a scavenger hunt.

I hope you had a great weekend! I had plans to go to see the Hunger Games part 2, but no matter how many times I booked online either on my phone or mac, system error. I could have just purchased the ticket at the ticket office, but I took at as a sign to graduate the first phase of the KonMari Method. My wardrobe!

Wardrobe 1 after transformation
KonMari Method Wardrobe 1I started reading last week, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo recommended by PBFingers and was itching to start sorting out ASAP. I kinda got a bit ahead of myself. The book needs to be read before starting as I stacked my jumpers the wrong way round. Now that’s been rectified, I have to admit I’ve been opening the wardrobe just to peek in and admire how calm it feels. It’s kinda exciting to be actually be able to see everything, rather than try to remember when things are. Things are now in sight, so in theory, I should be wearing them more often. I did discover a few pairs of shoes I’d completely forgot about and I seriously can’t believe how much I have already to donate. I feel a bit guilty not all of it I’ve worn and I’ve a feeling this will come up a lot sorting everything out, but her way of thinking, should transfer to when out shopping. End of this weekend I hope to graduate the 2nd stage. I already getting excited! You haven’t got much going on at the moment have you? Nope!

Wardrobe 2 before. Please excuse the blurry photo. I had the wrong camera settings and I was excited to start. My attention span however only lasts an hour!Wardrobe 2 beforeWardrobe 2 afterwards. Laces would be better tucked in, but it feels like everything can breathe.KonMari Method wardrobe 2 afterwardsFriday I took advantage of a few Black Friday offers. I didn’t go crazy, just purchased a few things on line. Many British High street shops are Spanish and I feel Spain only joined on this year feeling the pressure from the UK. The big discounts you hear about in the US, Spanish retailers don’t get. A discount is not to be sniffed at, however rarely do you find 50% off or more here. It’s usually 20-30% off. That didn’t stop shoppers all weekend, with the shops now open Sundays until Christmas and then after Kings Day for the sales. The best deal was Fabletics. 2 pairs of leggings for less than the price of 1 with VIP discount including shipping, I snapped up! That was too good of an offer not to participate in!

The rest of the weekend; running, workout, being a little envious of the cats sunbathing and storage box shopping. Thankfully there was 25% discount on storage boxes!

Friday and Sunday run views
Friday Run viewSunday Run viewLove us some sunshine
Love me some sunshine! Mr D

Love me a yoga mat and sunshine. Mr Aj

Have a a great week!



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