Summer’s here!

Summer’s now here to stay for the next few months. 30 degrees Celsius will be the norm until about the end of September. This means my at home workouts and morning runs have to be completed by 10am. Any later in a non-air conditioned environment is for me at least, a slog.


Today’s workout was a total body strength circuit. 7 moves, 10 reps or 30 sec for cardio elements, 3 times through with an abs circuit afterwards. Jumps lunges, medicine ball squat tosses and medicine ball shuffle press ups were in the mix today. Sometimes I think I’m a little crazy enjoying weighted skaters and plank frog marches!

Breakfast, the usual Tone It Up berry good oatmeal with raspberries and morning snack of nectarine, kiwi, Greek yoghurt with a granola bar, granola crumbs as my last granola batch didn’t stick together!


My current Asics trainers are due for retirement and I had intended to go to Decathlon, a big sport superstore on the edge of town for some new ones. As I don’t have a car, I rely on public transport, my bicycle and when I smile sweetly motorbike chauffeured by my boyfriend. I had it in my head that I would be okay to take my bike on the bus so I could cycle back home. The store is in quite a hilly area and in this heat I prefer cycling down hill than up! I’ve never seen before on the bus a No Bike Allowed sign. No food and drink and fully clothed signs, yes. To cut a story short, the driver refused, so change of plans. I remembered that there’s a small sports shop in town, so headed off there. Nope…exceptionnel fermeture jeudi. Well, that sorted that out then! I’ll try Nice in the next few days (like I need an excuse to go!) to see what the sports shops there have.

Lunch was a salad with a hummus dressing and then a sneaky trip to the beach to cool off. It surprises me that on the coast it’s 30 degrees Celsius, yet you can clearly see snow on the mountain tops in the distance.


Now for some yoga before dinner that I’ve been looking forward too all day…quinoa with avocado, tomato and green beans. I love the way quinoa and avocado have an amazing flavour pop! Yum!

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