Cirque Du Soleil, Breaking Habits And A Pink Moon

Happy May!

I hope you’re had a great May Day and having a great week so far!

Breaking bad old habits are 10 times harder than creating them. I always read starting new habits take 21 days. I don’t often read about breaking them. Or is breaking them about starting them? 

Few articles mention identifying the triggers that set off habits or that will power is the most powerful key you have against stopping them. Our brains like the path of least resistant to keep energy levels efficient. Breaking the resistant, making your brain take a new path is the hardest bit. I had every intention after getting back May Day early to sort out a huge pile that’s been building up, catch up on posts, only to after a quick snack feel heavy eyes and night nap take over. I didn’t even take my make up off! Flip side, I’m gradually waking up earlier, mostly thanks sunrise being earlier. Being productive during the day’s easier for me. That energy’s been all over the place recently with some messy scheduling. Climbing classes add more tiredness! I’m still figuring out the trigger for night naps, how to break it, forming better habits. I started a while ago doing the 5 second trick. Tricking your brain into a new energy burst pathway. Saying 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 out aloud or in your head creates a burst of energy that breaks the brain’s easy going path followed by getting up. It helps when I’m not tired. When I am, it nags at me to get up. That nagging feeling’s the worst leaving me disappointed if I don’t.

If anyone has tricks on how to break bad habits, please share in the comments! 

I thought this weekend was quiet as I didn’t think I took many photos. It was and I did. I’ll back track slightly to last Monday when we went to see Cirque du Soleil Totem! I’ve never been before to Cirque du Soleil and was totally mesmerised! Cirque du Soleil takes you on the journey of evolution. From amphibian life form to maybe living on the moon or other planets with a cheeky Italian tourist (the only performer to speak apart from the cave men grunts) guiding and snapping the journey who’s joined by a grumpy fisherman, crazy apes and cavemen. Arial aerobats, Native American hoop dances (eagle wings soaring), contortionist (she was amazing!), unicyclists flipping pots onto their heads with feet, cheeky beach boys taking on olympic rings and so much more. I loved how the stage became part of the show from a totem pole, boat/space ship to a turtle’s back. If you ever get a chance to see Cirque du Soleil, go! I had a feeling of ‘oh, it’s nearly over?!’ as all the performers joined together for one last dance. I wanted more! I wanted an encore of the entire show!L’italiano pazzo. When we arrived I thought him, a guy I wasn’t sure was the ring master and the grumpy fisherman were entertaining us with clown tricks while we seated. I had know idea they were to be part of the show!

Wednesday I made the zoo escaping the crazy house and from running errands all morning. I know, do you ever post a catch up without a zoo photo?

Friday evening on the way back we stopped off to check out the Feria de Abril. Or Barcelona’s version of Seville’s Feria de Abril. Andalusians who moved to Barcelona in the 1960’s for work started their own fair shortly after. Every year it’s gets bigger and more popular. Mostly because of the fun fair next door!

Saturday rain stopped play, however I managed to catch up a few things even though it felt like I hadn’t. No photos and of course Studio Tone It Up workouts as it’s Saturday. I’m looking forward to new Saturday workouts with their 2018 Bikini Series starting Monday 7th May!

Sunday P started painting old Ikea book shelves white. I’ve been meaning to them for ages, however his painting’s neater than me. Getting out to run took some effort and I ended asking P if he didn’t mind running with me. I felt a little sorry for him as that meant a slower pace. He’s currently on a marathon training programme with a short fast paced run planned Sunday. He gracefully ran 8km that turned into 10km as I was feeling better, running the last 2km, sprint or timed (can’t remember). I skipped the sprint. Running as much as I like running, I’m not a natural runner. Maybe if I got my pace back up I might like it more. 

We decided late Sunday afternoon to cycle out for pizza! We found last week an local pizzeria that does vegan pizza. Plant based cheese and all! A short bike ride watching the moon rise before took us to Port Olypmic before cycling back for pizza. Sadly it wasn’t as good this time. Even Diesel the cat who last time went crazy for the courgette/zucchini ate 2 pieces and walked away. It was way nicer cold the next day with Heniz ketchup! Who else prefers cold pizza?

April’s pink moon rise

Have you been to Cirque du Soleil or Feria de Abril? Do have habits you need to break? Please share below!


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