Kale Unicorns

Some days I just want to do what AJ (the ginger cat) does . Hide under the duvet hoping no one will find me.

Tuesday, I busted out a JC Santana strength circuit from his book, The Essence of Program Design. I’d really love to train one day at IHPFIT. They believe in training for movement, incorporate all types of training modes to get the right mix and make it fun. I have don’t access to all the equipment and have to get inventive substituting a few moves. This week, sandbag bear crawl drags subbed as rope climbs.

Thanks to the wind mixing up the sediment, the sea was a gorgeous turquoise green colour. It’s only this colour during mistrals. I made sure I had just enough time to soak up some sea spray before work, just making the bus!IMG_6546 IMG_6559

Up bright and early Wednesday as the property manager had builders in. They stayed for 10 minutes before see you later! I could have ran for longer! Well, no. My ankle’s been up to mischief the past few days. I had a few issues that morning and decided it was just the sock moving. I didn’t want the thought of uh oh set it. I can be a little drama queen at times, obsessing about it. Energy going where it shouldn’t. I’m working at not sweating over the small stuff. It’s work in progress. A 7km windy run helped.


Mistral hit all day until 10pm when it just stopped. 35kmph wind to nothing.


Paul messaged midday with news of a shop in Antibes selling kale. Could I check it out this afternoon? No worries, with no classes I can hunt kale. Kale in France is like unicorns. There’s even a website with sightings of it! As soon as classes were planned I checked it out. Sighting confirmed. We have kale! So you can guess what I had for dinner. A big green kale salad! Too bad Paul was on watch so I got to enjoy it all to myself. I’m not that mean, I left him some!IMG_6623

Running/cycling errands I got pins and needles for about an hour in my foot (can I hid under the duvet please?) along with tightness in my lower back. With me that normally means a nerve is blocked and blocks flow to the foot, causing the achilles to play up, a cold sensation or pins and needles. I somehow stopped the pins and needles with yoga (wheel). B*gger, WTF have I done now?! I really wanted to go at least one month this time without seeing the osteopath.

The builders were due in again today, so again up early and workout done before they arrive. Except they didn’t. No phone call, no email, nada. It’s not the first time and I’m sure it won’t be the last time it’ll happen. Post workout the lower back ache from yesterday returned. The osteo had a space and I had somehow blocked a nerve. I think it was half moon with a back bend (I don’t know it’s real name) a few days before. Something in my back was clicked into place, with the all clear on the achilles and knee. Yay! I have an excuse to hide under the duvet and sleep in the land of post osteo sleep repair!

Do you sweat the small stuff? If you train at home, do you substitute any equipment?



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