January Catch Up

One thing that’s never going to get easier is not having Mr AJ or Mr D, the boys, the cats around. January was the first full month without coming back to a happy face at the door. The first month without looking after a furry being. I’m still not used to being told it’s breakfast or dinner time. No one to keep me or my routine in check. No gentle or knock you over head butts. No purrs, just an empty silence. If I’m honest I feel lost without those 2. I have too much spare time on my hands.

New Years Day sunrise 

A friend asked if I’m enjoying the freedom. I wasn’t sure how to take that. I know she meant well, but they were never a burden. If you’ve never spent part of your life with a cat or dog, you’re missing out on so much. So without pi**ing her off with a blunt f you answer I answered with, a lonelier freedom.

New Years Day Sunset

Most of January was quiet. Spain celebrates King’s Day on the 6th January so things don’t start to get back ‘normal’ until around the 2nd week of January. P asked if I wanted to get away. At first I was hesitant. There might be lots of changes this year (thanks Brexit) and I was concerned about money. Initially I thought of Portugal then cheekily suggested the Big Sur I’ve always wanted to see. Suddenly we found ourselves 2 weeks later on a plane to San Fransisco to explore the Big Sur and Hawaii!

I rang the New Year in watching the clock from Puerta del Sol on TVE1 with my 12 grapes. I ate them all in time to the campanadas or strokes of midnight!


Initially I wasn’t going to go to the Cabalgata or The Three Kings Parade. I wasn’t in the mood. But as I don’t know where I am in a year I went. It wasn’t as good a previous years. Shorter but I’m glad I went anyway. I purposely didn’t take many photos and was happy that they switched ticker tape for bubbles! More eco friendly finally. I was disappointed however the caramelos or sweeties, candy buses were mean with the sweets this year. Lots of disappointed little faces. I managed to get some and yes I ate them all! I burnt them off climbing, at the gym, running and hopefully negotiated the collagen destroyer aka processed sugar with berries, broccoli and kale!


We left the day after Storm Gloria, the worst storm in a long long time hit the Med. About 3 days on non stop rain and wind. Gusts so strong you could feel the floor vibrating and rain so intense the beaches flooded, trees downed and damage all along the coast past Valencia. She even let the sea take out some of Badalona’s pier.

IMG_5873Ping pong?! Beach path covered and bike racks taken. Only now I realise looking at this photo the council not only removed the fallen trees on the left, but all the trees on the left. I’ve been cycling passed wondering why it’s so open when only a few trees fell!

Winter babies at the zoo! IMG_572Sunset run. Now it’s February I’m enjoying running in the light now the days are longer. Climbing’s going okay. I feel like back to square one after being away for a few weeks. Gym training I’m happy to lift heavier again and use my suspension trainer. I worked out when I could on holiday and thankful P booked a few places with gyms!


Chinatown, San FransiscoSan Fransisco’s hills are something else! Some so steep you have to park 45 degrees!Hiking in amongst redwoods and sequoias in the magical Muir Woods National ParkIt took me a while to workout the ISO hence lot of noisy photos. If only I could go back! Aloha! Whale and sunset watching on Oahu or is it in Oahu?View from Diamond Head trial, from high up an extinct volcanic crater, OahuDSCF2807Rainforest hike to Manoa FallsThe Big Sur. Technically February but who’s noting?

At that was my January! I’ll be for sure sharing San Fransisco, Oahu and Big Sur adventures and photos. It’s embarrassing the amount of photos I took. I was well, the chances of me returning are slim so snap away! And now my head’s still back in one day Oahu, the next Northern California. If there’s such as thing as post holiday blues, I’ve got them bad. It’s going to take a long time getting over this trip. Coming back was a bit of slap in the face and a double slap if you include Brexit.

IMG_7441I did go! Evidence! The pale one hiking the Pill Box Trail! 

Anyway, how was your January? I hope it was a kind one as is the rest of the year! 

The Boys. Who I miss so much.IMG_0142


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    I saw a few pics you shared on instagram, what a great trip!

    1. says:

      I had so much fun and took way too many photos! You’ll get fed up of them over the next few months!

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