I do believe this little lady’s energy is making a return! By the time we got back from grocery shopping last night, all I wanted to do was curl up under the blankets. The post osteopath KO. At the checkout I was pretty much spaced out with my neck so stiff, I could only look left and right with my shoulders. I’m almost certain my face matched how I was feeling. I said just a 15 minute nap. 2 hours later I was woken for dinner. Knocked out, deep asleep in land of sleep repair surrounded with cats. It’s amazing how the body heals itself sleeping. The osteo say’s the sleep is the result of energy being used from the treatment. I just know I’ll be sleeping later.

Peace! Run selfie Friday!

I managed not to fall asleep watching TV or eating dinner which amazed me. The Following is getting addictive (Joe’s accent isn’t a typical British one, even we find it odd), almost as addictive as House of Cards. After dinner I got a second wind which I wasn’t expecting. When I finally made it into bed, I could feel repair energy through my body. It can be scary sometimes especially when you can’t move!

When we lived in London I’d have loved a pet cam like this one we found in Carrefour, just to see what AJ got up to and where he hid all his collars. Every week I was buying a new one, a day later, he’d he’d come home collarless. He’s like his Mama, doesn’t like necklaces. Unless it had a location tracker, I doubt I’d have found the hiding spot! Diesel, he’s too tough for collars. If they both wore pet cam today, it’ll be about eating, sleeping & staring at birds. Action packed.IMG_6658

The builder didn’t show again today. To be honest I hadn’t expected he would. When my 24 hour post treatment exercise ban was lifted, I took off for a run. My energy levels had returned! It was the only opportunity to be outside all day and I was taking it! 7km with a slightly faster pace than the past few weeks. The sun was out and I swear it boosted my run!

Running through the port. I’m always surprised these aren’t blurry. I pause, snap and literally take off before it’s taken.IMG_6678

This weekend, I hoping we get to go on a mini road trip. Things have been a little stressful around here for a couple of weeks and it’s getting too much. We both need to clear our minds and have some fun! The day’s are getting groundhog again and I’m craving something different! I’ve signed up for Earth Hour on Saturday. Lights out between 8.30-9.30pm local time, making a stand against climate change.

Daylight Saving starts Sunday in Europe. GMT+1. I’m looking forward to those longer evenings and later sunrises!

Are you taking part in Earth Hour? If you’ve ever had experience post osteopathic treatment sleep?

Below are some of my favourite photos from this week. Have a great weekend!

Sunset Juan Les PinsIMG_6523Pastel seaIMG_6549Hemp Protein Powder from hollandandbarrett. It made my oat cookies green!IMG_6556Mistral midweek.IMG_6604 IMG_6610Wednesday’s sunset. IMG_6611 IMG_6620Spring flowersIMG_6636

Day after the mistral and sneaking in a bike ride before the osteopath!

IMG_6643Tasted better than it looked. Strawberry, kiwi, orange, hemp protein powder and coconut water smoothie.IMG_6670The port on Fridays run. IMG_6676Fridays reverse sunsetIMG_6708Aj and DIMG_5781IMG_6700

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