Summer Time Yoga Towels

When summer arrives in the Med, it’s like someones flicked a switch and said, okay, summer now. There’s no warning, no gentle build up. One day it’s a cool 23C then next, bam, 28-30C. Hello Summer! And I’m completely fine with that. The summer months are my favourites!

This week, summer’s arrived! Skinny jeans and jackets I’ve say goodbye to for the next few months. I’ve switched them out for shorts and cardigans (it can still be a little chilly at night). Aj and D are seeking out cool places to flop under and give it’s hot, sort it out please looks. Coconut oil’s melted. The only way I survived yesterday run was due to the wind. Had it not been for the wind I’d have melted! Lunchtime runs are out of the question now for the next few months, which is a good thing as I need to get my schedule sorted out.

The heat brings a yoga woe. I sweat more, my mat gets slippy. I can’t hold standing poses very well or any pose aside from bridge and wheel, that’s not sitting. I know there are yoga towels available to help prevent this. I had one one year and when I realised it was an over priced microfibre towel I felt a little cheated. This year like last, my yoga towel is a €6.95 beach microfibre towel that works just as well from Decathlon! All you have to do is just spray water where your hands and feet will be to prevent them slipping. I know that sounds contradictive, but it works. The towel doesn’t move or get caught up under my feet like it would minus the water and on a hot day the water is quite refreshing under my feet. I like to use probably more water than whats recommended. The water evaporates quite quickly on hot days and I’ve found a little more than you think necessary’s better. It’s trail and error to preferences, but it’s a good thing to have water nearby on standby. From experience a sports bottle is better. It’s hard to control the amount from a glass! I usually wash the towel once a week (and dry it between practice obviously!) and replace once a year as the fabric can either harden or lose it’s absorbency. Yoga towelYoga Towel

The large is just an okay length for my little legs. Decathlon also do an extra large towel, which fits lengthways, width wise it’s too big and gets in the way. Last year I tucked the edges under, but it was like Princess and the Pea. Awe.

Add water where hands and feet go!Yoga Towel

Do you use a yoga towel in the summer? An official one or a make do one like me? What sports equipment do you sub? Before I got my sandbag, I used a rucksack filled with cat litter (in a another bag of course!). The kids playground is also a great place to find pull up bars, monkey bars etc but fortunately the council here has installed quite a few free use outdoor gyms.



  1. says:

    I’ve never done yoga when it’s so hot that you need a yoga towel! I hope you’re enjoying the warm weather though 🙂

    1. says:

      There’s me thinking it gets hot in Sydney! I don’t have or rather I don’t use the air con at home in the summer (so expensive) where I practice so the towel’s an essential item! I hope you’re enjoying autumn! Looks like it’s an Indian summer autumn 🙂

  2. says:

    I should have used a towel when I tried yoga in the park on a scorching day in July. If I do park yoga again, a towel would be a good idea.

    1. says:

      It does help so much! I couldn’t believe how much!

  3. says:

    soundz crazy update. 🙂

    1. says:

      It can get crazy around here 🙂

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