First Day of Summer

Keep smiling when things don’t go as planned. This weekend we had planned to explore up along the Costa Brava finding one of it’s beaches to spend the afternoon at. Life had other ideas, namely buzz cuts and shaved fingers.IMG_0374I just about managed to beat the heat Saturday with a total body HIIT combo workout. I upped the game with elevated tummy tucks and travelling press ups with a mini band around the ankles leg extension. And some plank to sumo squats with a deadlift. I’ve been staying clear of the deadlift bit for a few months due to my ankle as unlike regular deadlifts, this one has more force. Adding twists and tweaks to exercises can make old ones new again. Plus you get to see just how strong and far you’ve progressed!IMG_0366

Paul, decided his hair couldn’t wait for the hairdressers. The heat had won. After Googling DIY haircuts, he took the plunge but ended up with clippers in hand. 1/3 the way through, the clippers die leaving a half mohican buzz cut. As the clippers charged, he fixed lunch and fixed his finger. Apparently chefs don’t use the finger guard that comes with the Benriner Japanese mandoline slicer. That thing gives me the creeps just looking at it. I refuse to go near it, even to wipe it up. I didn’t help the situation as I laughed ‘why you do that?’. I got sent out the kitchen while he pressed the finger down on the counter top. His trick for not leaving a scar. Apparently I lack bedside manner. I don’t even think bandaging it up or fixing a peanut butter sandwich to combat the blood loss wooziness helped redeemed myself. Later, we got a hand held Benriner like slicer similar to a vegetable peeler. I’m still staying far away from it.

Finger bandaged we made it to a beach up the coast. Late afternoon we cycled a little up past the main beaches in Badalona and came across a nice beach to soak up the sun. Summer weekends Barcelona’s beaches are crowded so it’s nice to find a quite one. During the week the city beaches are prefect for a quick siesta, which you might find me doing, if I can!

The first day of Summer needs celebrating and that’s just what I did my first dip of the year. I swear salt water cures everything and there’s nothing like a dip on the sea on a hot day to feel alive and refreshed! A beer on the balcony watching the light fade rounded up the Summer Solstice.IMG_8084IMG_8093

I awoke Sunday to a different kind of summer. Grey clouds that trick you it’s cool. It wasn’t. The air was muggy. We each had a tough 10km run. In the summer, I don’t get too wrapped up on timing, I try not to beat myself up too much for stopping every now and then and concentrate on making it through my run in one piece. But if I run in the summer evenings, then I’m fast! IMG_0382 IMG_0387

Despite the sun being in and out the clouds, the beaches were still busy. I stole an hour away from an otherwise quiet day of catch up for a siesta. I even managed to get an hours yoga in. I guess when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.

We live near a beach that’s tucked away from the main ones. When you want extra peace and quite it’s the place to go.
IMG_0393 IMG_0404Post siesta exploration. The old power station towers. IMG_0406 Have you every tired a DIY haircut? How did you celebrate the Solstice? 

Pauls finger’s looking good. The Benriner’s been relegated to the back the cupboard. For now.



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