Mid Summers

All the partying last night made for two very tired little boys. I don’t think the city stopped celebrating Midsummers even after first light. Lots of unbroken sleep thanks to fire crackers, rockets and all kinds of other fireworks all night long. These two did very well considering fireworks aren’t their favourite way to celebrate. I’m one proud cat mama they so well and didn’t hide. IMG_8127 IMG_0530

It’s ironic that our very first time visiting Barcelona on holiday, our last night was St Joan. An night to celebrate mid summers with fire. I vaguely remember falling asleep on the beach but confused as to why everyone was still up partying on the beach. Now we’re old pro’s who’d rather stay at home and watch the fireworks from the balcony instead. Party central.

While the whole city slept off their all nighter, I busted out a quad and shoulder workout with some press ups with a dumbbell punches in. Chest, triceps and shoulders targeted. Perform a tricep press up holding onto the weights, at the top, punch one arm out, press up repeat other side. They’ll wake you up!

This exercise exists, but not on google images. Technical drawings required. Punch it. IMG_0543

Yesterday running/cycling errand was hot. I was grateful for the shade along the nearby ramblas. I’m gradually getting used to and knowing my way around my new surroundings. IMG_0466 If yesterday was perfect beach weather (and yes, I did find an hour for a siesta and a quick dip. When in Rome), today it was playing British Summer. Grey skies, the odd rain shower until late afternoon. Not the national holiday weather people wanted. Paul took off for a motorbike ride and once I done a few rainy day jobs I set off to play tourist. 



First on my list Parc de la Ciutadella. I hadn’t explored around this park in a long time and I was looking forward to seeing it again. Known as the green lung of the city, it’s easy to see why. It wasn’t as busy as I had expected, but it was full of the escaped zoo parrots. All over Barcelona you can hear squawking in the trees and see a flash of green fly past every now and then. They always make me smile with their cheeky antics.

I was toying with going to the Zoo and after seeing the parrots and hearing the lions bellowing I decided to. I have mixed feelings about zoos, especially this one with one of it’s elephants and 2 of it’s bears, which is why I was hesitant to go. They’re working at improving their conditions, the elephants at least and are building new installations so I hope the bears get a better future. There’s something about going an hour and half before closing time, which I used to do regularly when I lived here previously. The animals seem to be at ease and just are. Maybe it’s all the green plants, but I leave 99% refreshed and recharged. Today was one of those days.

Happy Midsummers!

Do you celebrate mid summers? What’s your view on zoos?




  1. says:

    It all looks great 🙂 glad you are enjoying xxxx

    1. says:

      I did thank you! I had a nice afternoon to myself!

  2. says:

    ahh I have not been to the zoo in a long time! I bet Barcelona has a nice one!

    1. says:

      Depending on the zoo, it’s a great date! Zoos aren’t just for kids! Barcelona’s isn’t too bad, just the bears and one elephant have problems which isn’t nice to see.

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