Here We Go Again!

If you’re like me when you’re running, walking or cycling, you talk to yourself. Not out aloud, in your head. You come up with ideas, to do lists, a-ha moments, people watch, or sort out problems, imagine what you happen if you just did… My run this morning was one of those a-ha scheming moments. It’s time to re set goals and make mid summer resolutions.IMG_0559

Moving house isn’t easy. Each to do list item has at least 3 more sub to do’s after it. It’s time consuming, tedious at times and stressful depending how you play it. As everybody who’s ever moved house knows! Finding routine and rhythm in the new surroundings, now that’s that hard bit. Well, for me it is. I’m still on my old French schedule and it’s not talking Spanish. Back in France, it wasn’t always speaking French either.

Late last year, I took part in Chalene’s Johnsons 30 day push challenge. Chalene Johnson is some kind of superwoman. She’s build a huge fitness brand through DVDs, coaches fitness trainers and runs a life coaching business helping others achieve their dreams and success. Her schedule used to be crazy until she started the list. Writing down goals, breaking them down, identifying the factor that can make or break them, work at that factor. She also shares her organisation secrets to break habits that set you back. The idea is that it’s takes 21 days to form a habit and she takes it to 30 days with a daily video and daily challenge. By the end of the 30 day push, you’re already seeing productive progress towards your goals and maintaining the lists. When you think about it, the idea’s simple. Most of the time we just need a push to see it. It’s completely free, with the idea you purchase one of her other products.

Today’s run was another tough one. I ignored my own advice as I wanted the run out the way. I ran too late and had issues with heat despite a blanket of clouds. This had a huge knock on effect for the rest of the day. Lesson learnt, run in the evening or run early in the morning during the summer. I know why I’m running late, why the day feels unproductive. Sleep schedule. It’s what’s holding back the rest. It needs to be sorted. Isn’t that a great mid summer resolution?!

Resolutions don’t need a special day to start. They start when they need to start. I’m looking forward of being better balanced. I miss my lists! They work. (Two of my goals were to move and leave France. Both we’ve managed to do). I’m excited to writing down my goals weekly again, making steps towards them, keeping them alive, working towards them, being organised. I don’t like lost unproductive days chasing my tail! I like seeing the sun rise everyday. There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing it rise up over the horizon bringing a new day and new adventures.

Plus I really have to make it to the bank before it closes for it’s half day.

Have you tried the 30 day push challenge? Do you have strange conversations running with yourself? 



  1. says:

    I have a lot of conversations with myself – not always very productive, sometimes I reflect on them and just have to laugh at myself!!! 🙂 I’m not great at lists but I know they are good, perhaps I need a kick up the butt to do one or two or three and use them effectively – perhaps I’ll have a go at the weekend. I’ve often wondered how you cope so well with moving…. Now I understand, and yes, you’re right, they don’t need a special date to start, great advice thank you xx hope you have recovered well from the heat 🙂 xxx

    1. says:

      I think we all talk to ourselves, it’s when you start talking them out aloud it gets crazy! Check out the 30 day push, she has her lists down! As for the heat, I’m getting accustomed! Hope it’s not too grey up North! Have a great weekend! x

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