Hill Sprints, Haircuts and BCN

And so start the last of my French runs. We’ve found, okay, Paul found an apartment. All we need now are removers and to say goodbyes.

Paul travelled down late Sunday afternoon to Barcelona to look at a few potential places. After 2 weeks searching he found one that has a good enough kitchen for him and sunlight for me and the cats. I still haven’t got my head around that we’re moving. Knowing me the day after I will, when it’ll hit me, we’ve finally did it.

Soon the sun will start rising from behind the mountains. I’m a very lucky girl as I’ll still be able to see the sunrise each morning in Barcelona. Paul looks after me!IMG_8339I’ve had some great workouts this week. Monday, total body with extra focus working the inner and outer thighs with mini bands and resistance band ankle attachments. I’ve learnt after trail runs the day after, not to hit the quads and hamstrings hard. Tuesday a HIIT/strength circuit working the back, hamstrings and triceps. I defiantly felt those curtsey lunges later! IMG_8349

Fortunately the thief from last week didn’t take all our bikes, so I’ve still been getting my daily fresh air fix. It’s missing a front brake, but its better than nothing. My yoga is coming nicely too. I’m finally incorporating half moons and tree poses back into my practice. It’s been while since I practiced them thanks to my ankle. Sometimes you just have to throw caution the wind and go for it.IMG_8350

Tree on the way to work Monday. Spot the stags head.IMG_8368

Hill sprints in this morning 7km run along the Cap. Sprint up the hill, recover on the way down. I have a love hate relationship with interval/HITT/fartlek runs. I love the benefits. Running them sometimes I question why, especially when it’s windy like today. When the wind’s behind me, they’re not so bad!IMG_8401IMG_8403IMG_8398

Yesterday, I finally got my long overdue hair cut. Going to the hairdressers isn’t my favourite activity. I love the head massage and the people watching. The cut, itself I’m not always happy with, especially when they cut the layers too short. Yesterday, I didn’t notice until I got home, that there were hardly any layers at all. My hair’s fine, so when it’s all one length it looks flat and lifeless. Normally I’d put up with it for another 2 months. For some reason I called the hairdressers this morning and explained the situation. They said it’s not a problem, come back and we’ll fix it. So I did and they added the layers free of charge. I thought situation might be a little awkward but, they were fine about it. So ladies speak up if you’re not happy with your cut. They want your custom again and for you to recommend them to others, so don’t be shy, say something! And throw in a smile. That always helps!

Have you ever had a haircut nightmare? Do you like running hill sprints? Do you enjoy running in the wind?


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    Funny enought I’m seeing the hairdresser today!!! I’m not sure what I want so that could be fun!!! I don’t find running in wind very helpful, just a gentle breeze is good for me – I get too breathless otherwise. I haven’t tried hill sprints but have run uphill a few times a few months ago! My best was one night after I’d had a bad eating day containing lots of sugar what a difference it made! I haven’t done that in a while. I hope your move goes well, love the pictures and post you have done 🙂 x

    1. says:

      Good luck at the hairdressers! Hope you’re okay! I’ve checked your blog a few times lately to see if I’ve missed I’ve missed any poems, so everything is okay. I know all about sugar runs. Great run, crash like crazy afterwards!

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