Night Walks and Autumnal Fall Changes

Thanks mostly to my exceptional organisational skills, most of our walks happen late afternoon near sunset. Every intention is given to getting out early with walks last weekend being no exception. I’m thinking for a month just get up at either 5 or 6 am regardless off how much sleep I’ve had to make me the morning person in my head I am. I wouldn’t even say I’m a night owl as an excuse.

My September beat the snooze button challenge failed. Not a complete failure as the feeling of disappointment getting up later is enough to make me want to change. I can’t even blame getting back late anymore as an tired excuse. Ever since I moved to Spain in 2005 the shops are open until 10pm. Which is perfect if you work late, or stop by after the gym. I’ve nearly always done my shopping after the gym, work or zoo, so I’ve appreciated the shops open late. This month until the end of May next year, shops now open an hour earlier and close an hour earlier, 9pm. Which means I’ve had to change my routine a bit as I don’t have Sunday shopping to fall back on. I’ve been caught out a few times, though getting back earlier’s great. I’m just out sync! The clocks going back next weekend, the days getting shorter and light changing’s only adding to it. Time feels like it’s free falling and I can’t keep with it. That and this month’s unseasonably warm, 23-25C when it should be about 18-21C. All this is a good thing, change is good, it keeps ya on ya toes, adapting, refresh (not the unseasonably warm October. Earth adapting to climate change).

Anyways, last Saturday we wanted to walk at Delta de Llobregat near Barcelona Airport. We got there in daylight (yay) but had trouble finding somewhere to park. Most of the roads are blocked off for farm or authorised vehicles. Cough *P, that doesn’t mean motorbikes!*. We noticed a few people walking down several paths so parked up and followed. The delta/park’s carpark was about 1km from where we parked. with the delta’s gated entrance about 1/2km down the path. Sadly by the time we got to the gates it was nearly dark with notices saying they’d close in 10 minutes so we turned back stopping to watch a couple feed the turtles! As darkness grew walking back, the sounds crickets, frogs and whatever else was out there filled the air, which I always love. I’d love to go back the see the delta as Google Images make it to be a great escape from the city even with planes landing every 10-15 minutes.

Sunday this time, it wasn’t my organisational skills making us late out. My Mac had space issues and most of the afternoon was taken up sorting out a photo database, freeing up space. Way too many photos to transfer. Some of my friends recently have mentioned the bunkers or Bunker del Carmel, the civil anti aircraft defence bunker ruins from Spain’s Civil war in the 1930’s. Neither of us had been, the views were rumoured to be spectacular so we wanted to check them up. Tom Tom took us through the city getting there, but wasn’t clear on the entrance. We got caught in so many lights going that I was thinking, cycling would have been quicker until the roads started getting steeper and steeper. Motorbike’s a better choice! We parked up and decided to head to what we thought were the bunkers. Asking directions later, we were climbing a short steep hill to the bunkers entrance, in the dark (insert see no evil monkey emoji). The bunkers themselves are now just ruins. Darkness or daylight they were the perfect location for air defence being the one of highest spots in the city bar the mountains. Now it’s a local hangout spot, leaving me feeling one like the oldest people there.

Deciding it was too busy we explored other paths leading up to the bunkers, finding a cool bridge linked 2 cliff faces. If I’m honest we had more fun exploring Parc de Carmel located opposite. A fraction of the people and even better views of the city, perhaps because at the top no lights or as many people. Just a few dog walkers and 2 runners with headlamps. The top was completely not how I expected it to be, almost mountain trail with large flat yet craggy rocks at the top (it was dark, they seemed flat with crevices). I’ve always wanted to know walking along the main trial in Parc Collserola in the mountain above the city what the dark patch was and now I know, Parc de Carmel. It’s also the local dog walker hangout, 1/2 way up we found a rest area filled with dogs chasing frisbees, dog training rock climbing (mini rocks) and owners just catching up. If you go at night, you may need a torch. We usually only use one if the trial’s too rocky. I slipped as soon as P ahead said, careful, it’s lo…. skid, land in a single leg L sit…ose! He was kind enough to give me a moment before asking if I was okay. Sometimes you need a moment to assess damage before questions as he explained later. Like the Delta, I’d love to go back in daylight. If I get up at 6am, just maybe.Parc del Carmel overlooking the bunkersAre there parks, popular areas in your area you’ve still to visit?

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