Early November Catch Up

Happy November!

I thought I could celebrate a little after handing my coursework for my Pre and Post Natal Fitness course a little under 2 weeks ago. 12,500 words I thought I’d completed. Detailed plans for all trimesters with how to’s, modifications, progressions, adaptations, special considerations. Then I get an email, saying I’d missed the last 3 questions.

I didn’t see them! After layouts of training sessions, I didn’t scroll down enough. Thankfully my tutor was okay about it. It’s not the course I wanted to study. I wanted to study Sports Conditioning. Being part of REPs (Register of Exercise Professionals) a UK register for all UK fitness professionals (recognised worldwide apart from Australia and USA) I need every few years 20 points to continue being on the register. I’d left it too late to study Sports Conditioning vs time frame to re-register. As it was I wasn’t going to finish in time and contacted REPs asking if they could make a note I was studying. They replied, saying they’re currently changing management, reviewing continued development procedures and this year skipping proof of continued development. Just charging as always £40 admin fee for clicking a box. I could’ve studying Sports Conditioning! I’m hoping after Brexit, my qualifications are still recognised in the EU (I’m also on Ereps, the European equivalent). Because if not, I’m kinda stuffed.

I haven’t been studying the whole time. I left most of it until the last minute as the past few weeks I’ve needed 3 of me. Something had to be sacrificed for a while and that was here. I missed dropping by saying Hi, catching up. Anyways, I’ll leave you with a little photo catch up of the past few weeks. And yes, there’s been plenty of zoo visits.

October was warm enough to sunbathe if you had time early afternoon. I settled for topping up my tan running. One run, the water along the shoreline was way too tempting and the day too nice not to stay out longer. I ended up taking my trainers off to walk the last shoreline back. My calves felt so great afterwards thanks to some salt water therapy. Now beach season’s over, the shoreline’s free to run along.  

I’m still not used to the daylight savings hour change. Light doesn’t hang around after sunset like it does in spring and summer.

The cats have been keeping me on my toes. So to have dentist visits, punctures cycling and that I only have a few weeks to get Christmas presents to send for them to arrive in time. Can I skip the whole Christmas card thing this year? When you think about it, it’s a huge waste of paper and resources. Plus it’s not high up on my to do or fun list.

Pretty skies and sea cycling back from the gym one afternoon

The cold’s arrived. No October autumnal fall temps of 18-20C. October saw days of 22-24C dipping to a chilly midday 14-17C this week with no warning. It’s taking some getting used too especially the dark early morning temps of 8C when you don’t want to get out from under blankets and cats.

Thanks to the warmer temps and not much rain, some trees are already getting ready for winter. Usually around December the leaves start to really fall. 

The baby meerkats at the zoo care getting more adventurous! There’s a baby lemur too. I’ve only seen it once clinging onto its Mama’s tummy so I hope it’s okay! 

How’s your November going so far?


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  2. says:

    Changing the time is so annoying! China doesn’t do it, but now the difference with Spain is 7 hours instead of 6…

    1. says:

      Whaaat! 7 hours? And Spain’s not on the ‘correct’ time zone anyway. Which I’m kinda happy about otherwise it would get dark at 16.45 like the UK.
      Is China one of the few places that doesn’t change the hour? I get why it’s done. I’m just never ready for the shorter days 🙁

      1. says:

        In China it’s crazy. Based on its territory it should have like 4 time zones, but it only has one (I think it’s a political strategy). This causes that for example the sun rises at like 5 am here but at 9 am in the westernmost province… When I get up at 8 am it feels like it’s noon as the sun is already super high up.

  3. says:

    Daylight savings time always has be out of whack.

    1. says:

      It does me! I cycle back around 8.30pm thinking a few months ago it was light at this time!

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