Just Your Average Afternoon Bike Ride

While the lucky ducks in the Southern hemisphere are now in Spring time, the Northern hemisphere Autumn is more or less is showing it’s colours. That is if you live in a place not surrounded by palm tress. They’re like evergreens, green all year round. Wind, rain and cooler temperatures along the Northern Mediterranean are the start that Autumn’s getting cooler. It’s like a switch. No warning, it just changes like that! Exactly the same way Spring and Summer start.

Heading back to BCN with BCN in the distance.IMG_7748

Yesterday was like that. Finally a chill in the mid morning sun and wind, lots of it. The pesky wind I dreaded in France. Thankfully here no where near as strong as the mistrals on the Cote d’Azur. The apartment we were in wasn’t properly protected for 2 to 3 days of wind and rain that sometimes came with it. It’s the wind where you fly walking, cycling, running with it behind you, feeling the warm Autumn sun on your back. Then when you turn around, it’s cold, strong, whips past your ears, has a taste of salt and tests your legs walking, cycling or running to the max.

I joined Paul on his triathlon training bike ride late yesterday afternoon. I’ll use the term loosely joined. He sped off, did his heart zone thing and I was happy to do my own thing (photos!) and go off road. (Like running, I prefer biking on my own). The idea was to do an hours ride. 30 minutes there, 30 minutes back. The path up the coast out of Barcelona is amazing. You’re cycling slap bang along the beaches until the path runs out 14km/9miles from the city. It took me about 40 minutes to hit turn around and I’m not joking, an hour and 15 to get back. That wind was strong! I underestimated it! No wonder people cycling towards me going didn’t look like they were enjoying the lovely autumn afternoon! I was grateful last minute before leaving to swap shorts for leggings. A first since April. Summer defiantly ain’t here anymore!

There’s no denying, how even in strong winds, the sea’s beautiful! IMG_7756

How do you know the season’s finally changed where you are? Where’s you favourite place to bike? I love trails!


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