Weekly Photo Challenge Boundaries

I saw a t-shrit in Forever21 yesterday that said ‘running late is my workout’. I can 100% put my hand up and say that’s me. You want to get faster cycling, use a bike as transport and run late. You’ll have no option but to be a faster cyclist!

My entries for WPC Boundaries from a few weeks ago. I’m slightly behind with these!

Cat minding their own, Barcelona ZooCat Barcelona Zoo

Nilgai, Barcelona Zoo. They’ve been for most part of the year under habituation at the zoo. Their enclosure is fenced up, but you can peek through the gaps in the slats!Nilgai, Barcelona Zoo

Glass plane between the lemurs and humans at Barcelona Zoo. Which is a good thing as these guys are so cute, you want to join them! Lemur, Barcelona Zoo

Sand, pebbles and rocks divide us from the sea.

Aegean Sea, GreeceAegean SeaAegean Sea

Beach, BarcelonaBeach Barcelona

Railings to stop visitors touching the Jenga like columns, entering the Parthenon, Athens. Lean too close, officials call you out! Parthenon. GreeceBoundaries Weekly Photo Challenge Boundaries


  1. Your pictures always amaze me. I always love your beach shots. I don’t even need to look at the name on IG and I know it is your picture.

    1. says:

      Ha ha! Thank you. I seem to like loney shoots! I too know it’s your pic. You’re the only person I follow features temple! Always brightens my day!

  2. Janet forster says:

    Hi Nat I am enjoying your blog so much , amazing pictures of Barcelona and the zoo. Enjoying it so much more so as I broke hy left hip on Tuesday just getting out of the chair! Not even dancing!!! Went to A&E on Wednesday and they operated on Thursday and I’ve just had the right leg done now, don’t know how I’m going manage with no hips!!!! Perhaps you can work out some excercises for me. Lots of love Janet xxxx

    1. says:

      Oh Janet! I hope you’re being looked after well! All I can recommend is see a physio therapist for rehab with the hips so you can be dancing in no time. Keep me up dated xoxo

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