First Week Of Autumn Fall 2017

Last weekend saw La Merce. A 4 day celebration of one of Barcelona’s patron saints with events held across the city including one of my favourite events here, Correfoc! A chance to run with dragons, fireworks and chase devils! It’s completely crazy and I don’t know of anywhere else where you can run under fireworks spinning above your head! 

Anyways, a weekend and week catch up the following weekend because why not?

Backtracking to last Friday, the first day of autumn fall…

Saw a beach run and a long over due trip to the hairdressers for some autumn fall equinox lunar hair magic!


Chores, Tone It Up workouts instead of my own, some blog work, a super quick beach siesta before it was time to meet my friend for her first Correfoc! And the 1st time me getting there early for it. So early, the street lights were still on. I’d never noticed before they’re off for the event. A big cheer went up when they did! Please excuse the sparks exposure. I used my phone’s camera as I know how crazy it gets! My phone has a few black marks from where sparks hit the glass. The leggings I wore have a few burn holes. One right on the bum! 

Each barrio or area of Barcelona has it’s own group of devils and carnival style drum band following you can’t help but dance too. As I know it gets super crazy I advised my friend to wear long trousers or leggings, hair up and bring a hoodie even though the ambient temperature’s lesser layers. She went a few steps further bringing a beanie, jacket, sunglasses and a devil horn headband she got use both! Every time she put her sunglasses on I cracked up! The headband I wore for a while until I was too scared the feathers might catch light. No, there’s nothing sinister about Correfoc or run with fire. I think it’s origins are in street plays. 

We had a ball dodging sparks, taking a zillion photos and videos running along with the devils. It took me a few years to pluck up courage to run with them. My friend couldn’t get enough of running in and out the fireworks! I lost count how many I ran with, maybe 9 or 10 including getting close for photos as the mascots lit up. My cheeks were so sore when we left from all the laughing and smiling. Not to mention my ears ringing and my voice a little hoarse! I posted a few videos on my Instagram page, so be sure to check out the crazy there! IMG_5980

The only thing that perhaps spoilt it was when we walked up to the start of the run. After a while it gets a little repetitive. The 1st 2 groups weren’t in the party mood, the next few were crazy. Lying on the floor with torches spinning above, running up to the crowds, spraying everyone or aiming at feet to make you dance! With gaps in-between groups getting bigger we decided to walk up. Usually I stay the lower end of Via Laietana. I think this is out of habit as because I used to live close by. Half way up the atmosphere changed to drunks with us tripping over more beer cans than spent fireworks. We saw the angry cat so I was cool to leave after that. It’s an event you need to take some precautions with so the drunk crowd with lesser clothing were getting picked on! Even the guy in the wheelchair when we first arrived had a jacket, hat and sunglasses already! 

Running with devils and dragons is hungry work. After walking my friend back to her street I realised I was hungry! Park de la Ciutadella had it’s usual La Merce food trucks so I stopped by getting the only vegan option available, a veggie meatball burger. It didn’t last long as I virtually inhaled it. Neither was it the greatest for the price and I swear I could taste butter with the bread, but it tide me over until I got back and out like a light.


Run view

Was spent trying study and not getting anywhere in the morning, catching up on blog work before realising the time if I wanted to run and get to the zoo. I opted for a short run before remembering it’s the Zoo’s 125th anniversary. No way was I going. They emailed with events all weekend and I knew it would be packed. That’s okay, the beach called. Sun siestas aren’t happening so much now it’s not so hot. It wasn’t packed and it was great for the first time in a little while just to sit, read at one of my favourite places, the beach.

This is how bad my eyes are and how good my lens is. I didn’t see The Naked Sailor.

Hazy wildflowers

On auto pilot cycling afterwards, I ended up at the park. Park events were a lot smaller than last year so less people and I’m glad I opted out the zoo. Trams from the Zoo stop were packed with families. I was happy just to get back early, before sunset and spent the rest of the evening catching up on more blog work before my eyes got too sleepy!


Another festivo or holiday! It felt so good to get to the gym early and back early. Again before sunset! The rest of the week’s been work, the zoo with way less people, patiently waiting for the temperature to decide if it’s leggings all day or shorts. Normally the temperature starts to get chillier around the middle of October. This time of year isn’t my favourite when it comes to clothes.

Lighter weights don’t always mean an easy workout. This one was tough. 

And of course there’s been the gym, beach runs, a trip to the vets with Mr D throwing up 10 minutes being in the car. He’s like his human Mama, gets motion sickness. Aj just takes in in his stride. Apart from his blood test. Normally he’s okay, but he kept moving. It’s easier for the vet and nurse if I hold them telling them they’re good boys with one holding their head while one takes the blood. Also deciding the only thing I like about Uniquo that’s just opened here are the stained glasses windows inside (oh and heat tech tops). I’m looking for a lightweight non down padded/duvet/quilted jacket the transition temps before my big winter coat’s needed. Every single jacket had down in. I don’t even want to think about how many poor ducks were plucked across all the stores.

I could watch gibbons and monkeys all day.

Do you have favourite event that your local area holds? How was your first week of autumn fall/spring?


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  2. says:

    Beautiful post, Nat! If you can run with Dragons I think you should make a cameo on GOT.
    Some of my hardest workout sessions were with light weights.

    1. says:

      Ha ha! Thank you! Some those dragons sting hehehe.
      Yes, some of the hardest workouts are without weight or lightweights. Full on burpees cross fit style of instance!

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