Friday Saturday Faves

All I’ve got left to do is; pack my bag with water, coconut water, medjool dates (the caramel tasting ones), a change of clothes, my race chip and number, safety pins and bowl of sweet potato fries/chips with my dinner tonight, turn up on time and I’m all set for Sundays 10km Corre Barri race.

We picked up the race t-shirts, chip and number yesterday. Before I even tried on the t-shirt I washed it! The fabric’s stiff, itchy, has a slimy texture and smells nasty! I’m hoping the wash might shrink it a bit too. The smallest was S, a man sized S. I’m gonna have to get creative making in less of a sack!

For some people dodging practice Sunday, yesterday’s run when I could, I slalomed around posts. It was meant to be an easy pace 6km along the beaches, leaving some in the tank. I ended up doing 7.5km and running up steps twice! Opps!IMG_1192

Friday’s Favourites on a Saturday again. Maybe I should call it Saturday Shares. Anyways, a few things that have been making me smile this week (warning, it’s mostly animals tales!)!

Raw Peanut Butter Granola BarsIMG_7521

They were a smash of various recipes and what I had in the kitchen, but they turned out quite well and 100% delicious! I like to have a stash of granola bars for a longer quick pick me up.

Woody’s Rescue

Hope For Paws do amazing work rescuing abandoned animals in and around Los Angeles. When this little guy owner died, the family put the house up for sale and left him there. For a whole year he hid under the house until Hope For Paws rescued him. Who’d believe there was a tiny dog under all that fur! Don’t watch if you’ve just applied mascara like I did!

Dolphin Power

Sometimes animals rescue us! This article made me smile of dolphins to the rescue protecting humans from drowning and sharks.

AJ and D the SupercatIMG_6948

Aj’s got his usual change of season sniffles/herpes outbreak, cronky purr and tear stained eyes. He usually fights it off, however last years outbreak ended with him having an eye operation, so no chances this year. He’s off the vets next week! IMG_1189

D went into reboot mode Wednesday. I got back from to find piles of sick everywhere and a scared looking D. He went from 100 miles an hour to 5. He didn’t even want dinner and this boy reminds me 2 hours early it’s dinner time. I’m not sure if it’s something he ate or AJ’s cold as he had some eye discharge but he hardly moved all night. I was already to call the vets the next morning when I hear breakfast meow! What ever it was, he fought it off and by the next evening he was back to reminding me loudly it’s dinner time.

Peacocks and Peahens


These guys slowly making their way back to roost at the zoo this week. They have the run of the zoo and often they’re hanging around in the rhino enclosure or the cafeterias!

What’s been making you smile this week? Can you think of a Saturday Friday Faves tag?!

Have a great weekend! Mine’s full of studying, finding new autumn/fall workout leggings, workouts and oh the run!



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